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This area opens up once the dwarf King Goldar is killed in the Golden Hills.

Ruborian Desert[edit]

With the "blaster bugs", place the bug egg on the sand and 2 explosions kill the sand worms. The bug will blow up when the worm attacks it. There is a Mana object past the sand worm. Work around the canyon to the bomb bugs. Blow up the bone fences and fight off the ambush. Follow the thieves and note a life object in the small town. Now get the mana object. Do the same for the life object after killing the next sand worm. Follow the thief to the canyon break; use the bomb bugs to blow bone fence to fiery area to big desert town.

Catch Jewel[edit]

Jewel represents the sin envy.

To catch the thief, destroy as many of the guards first. Place5 or 6 minions at each of the stone street arches this blocks Jewel and hems her when you chase her around the village, using the guard markers place it between the two smaller stones that mark each sidecut from the main street. Chase Jewel to the waypoint gate. Return to the elf statue and order your minions to carry it back to your portal. Once you return the statue to your portal the elfs' will appear and request you return it to them.