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On a desert landscape, two children lament about their failure to save the world again. They use their power to start over and vow the true history will be written.


In Alistel, Stocke reports to Heiss of Special Intelligence for a mission. Because of the war with Granorg, Heiss has been sending agent after agent to gather info, but they have been facing complications. One agent has intel on Granorg's armaments and Heiss wants Stocke to rescue the agent and bring him back safely. The rendezvous point is west of Lazvil Hills. Heiss wants him to act quickly before the military gets involved. He assigns two subordinates to accompany him. Before Stocke leaves, Heiss gives him a book called the White Chronicle.

Exit Heiss' Office.

Outside, Stocke meets Raynie and Marco and briefs them on the mission. Suddenly, Stocke has a vision of Raynie and Marco lying dead. He doesn't mention this to them. Raynie give Stocke 500G and suggests they go to the shops to prepare for the mission.

Raynie and Marco join the party.

There is a chest to the left that contains Soothing Balm × 2. Take the lift to the 3F Balcony and open the chest to the right, which contains a Charm. Take the lift to the 1F and go to the Training Room on the right side. There are two chests that contain a Holy Water and Herbal Tea × 2. Leave and go down to the Second Ward. Up the right stairs is the weapon shop. A little past and down is a chest that contains a Herbal Tea. Go down to the First Ward. The stairs to the right lead to a chest that contains 300G. On the left is an item shop and on the right is an inn that costs 50G to stay the night. On the second floor of the inn and in the first room, there is a chest that contains Beast Skins. When you are ready, go down to leave Alistel.

As the party starts to leave, Rosch calls out to Stocke and asks if he is going on a mission. Rosch warns Stocke that he senses something terrible will happen. Stocke is thankful for his concern, but tells him not to worry.

Weapon Shop
Name Buy
Epee 500
Custom Sword 700
Bronze Spear 1000
Custom Lance 1600
Bronze Mail 900
Beast Skins 500
Charm 350
Pawn Stud 750
Seed Ring 1000
Item Shop
Name Buy
Soothing Balm 100
Herbal Tea 350
Holy Water 500
Anti-Poison 50
Poison Wing 350

Lazvil Hills[edit]

On the map head south to Lazvil Hills North.

Stocke says they will meet the contact to the west. Raynie suggests a shortcut by the river. As they approach near the river, a Dodo attacks.

A battle starts with an optional tutorial explaining the grid system. You can push enemies to the back line using Push Assault so they deal less damage when they attack. Attack the Dodo until it is defeated.

Stocke observes Raynie and Marco's fighting abilities and they reveal they use to be mercenaries. The rain picks up and they hurry to the rendezvous point. Off to the distance, Palomides the Executioner boasts his confidence to High Colonel Dias that the raid on Alistel will go well with the cover of rain. Dias expresses concern that some "vermin" may also take advantage of the rain to move about. At the rendezvous point, the spy has yet to arrive. Marco reveals more of their past and how Heiss took them in. Finally, Marco spots the spy, but he is being pursued by Granorg soldiers. They rush off to save him.

Another battle takes place with a tutorial on move skills and combos. Use Push Assault on the front line enemy to knock him back into the back line and follow up with attacks to hit both enemies at the same time. Finish off the remaining enemies.

After the enemies are defeated. Marco uses some medicine on the injured spy. The spy is secured, but more soldiers are on the way.

To the north is a save point. Head east to Woodland Path. To the south is a chest that contains Soothing Balm × 3. Continue east.

The group stops at a crossroads. While deciding which route to take, they are ambushed by a sniper and the spy is killed. Stocke heads south to hunt the sniper, but he is gone and the path is blockaded. Stocke returns and tells Raynie and Marco to not focus on the failure. They decide to go north even though they will have to break through enemy lines.

Head north.

The party is spotted by the southern forces and have to deal with them.

Another battle starts with a tutorial on changing turns. You can switch turns with other allies or enemies. After changing turns, the character will turn red and is in a state know as Baroque. The state goes away after they perform an action. Use change to setup combos and defeat the enemies.

Head north again to Highway W. Skip the cave and go up the sloped path. Press Y button to strike enemies and knock them out. You can either avoid them or fight them with an advantage. Go east to the Highway and cross the bridge.

Dias and Palomides confront the party. Dias leaves Palomides to take care of them. Raynie and Marco tell Stocke to go on while they stall Palomides.

Palomides attacks and kills Raynie and Marco at the start of battle. This battle is a scripted fight so just attack for Stocke's turn. Palomides attacks Stocke and then Stocke flees. On the bridge, Stocke is surrounded. With no other choice, he jumps off the bridge into the river. Palomides orders his men to search for the body while he reports to Dias. Stocke washes up on some land and is transported away.


The two children in the beginning, Teo and Lippti, greet Stocke as the keeper of the White Chronicle. They are in a place called Historia. Stocke is confused and Teo and Lippti tell him that he failed in his mission because of the decisions he made. But with the power of the White Chronicle, he can change the past and rewrite history. Stocke, with determination to save Raynie and Marco, climbs a staircase and goes through a door.

Lazvil Hills[edit]

Stocke arrives back at the point in time where they encountered the crossroads, but still feels the injuries from Palomides. Realizing what is about to happen next, Stocke rushes in and pushes the spy down to avoid the arrows. The Granorg bowmen retreat to let the northern forces handle them. This time, Stocke leads the group south.

Go south and at the bottom left is a chest that contains Royal Jelly × 3. Head towards the barricade.

Stocke can't get past the barricade, but knows if they go north, they will die. Teo and Lippti appear and inform Stocke that he has reached a dead end. They give him small portion of their power that grants him superhuman strength and tell him to search the various possibilities to find a way to survive. They leave and Stocke returns to the present situation.

Before handling the barricade, you can go back north to Highway W and into the Cave. Hold A button to grab the steel boxes and press Neutral dpad to move them out of the way. The chest contains a Bronze Mail. Go back to the barricade and move the steel boxes. Continue east and battle the soldiers that attack. When the three Light Granorgites line up in the center column they will be in a formation where they can perform an Overkill attack. All three will attack at once. Either move an enemy out of formation or defeat at least one of them. Once they are all defeated, continue on.

The group reaches the entrance of Lazvil Hills and the spy goes on ahead to give the intel to Heiss. Raynie and Marco are happy and decide they should celebrate together after they report back to Heiss. Stocke collapses and passes out knowing Raynie and Marco are safe. Raynie and Marco carry him back to Alistel.


Stocke arrives back in Historia and is greeted by Teo and Lippti. They explain to him that they are guides that teach the proper usage of the White Chronicle. Stocke cannot move freely through time, but only to pivotal moments where he was present. He can alter the world's time, but not his own time. They ask him for a favor to not speak of the White Chronicle to anyone. Stocke has more questions that they cannot answer, but decides to go along for now.


In the audience hall of Granorg, Queen Protea is confronted by her daughter Eruca about her employment proposal. Protea rejects it as being too expensive and the conversation gets heated as Eruca complains about the luxurious lifestyle in the palace that the people sacrifice to maintain. Eruca persists, but Protea reminds her of the fate of her brother Ernst. Eruca storms off concerned about the fate of their nation.


A few days later Stocke wakes up in the infirmary in Alistel. Heiss checks on Stocke and informs him that the Granorg army has been pushed back and the Sand Fortress at the border has been taken back. Heiss gives him another mission that he will tell him in his office. He also asks about the White Chronicle and Stocke only refers to it as a lucky charm.

Leave the infirmary.

Stocke bumps into Sonja who was taking care of Stocke in the infirmary. She worries about him and Rosch always risking their lives. Stocke asks about Rosch and she tells him that he has been appointed as a commanding officer of a new corps. Their conversation is interrupted by a soldier who draws his blade. Rosch arrives and knocks the soldier away. The soldier mumbles something before turning to sand. Later they talk about what happened and Sonja thinks the soldier was suffering from Sand Plague where his Mana was drained from his body. Rosch asks Stocke to consider joining his new corps and leaving the Special Intelligence. Stocke has another vision, this time of him standing over Rosch's dead body. Rosch leaves and tells Stocke to think about it before he gives him an answer. The White Chronicle appears and Stock goes back to the Historia.


Teo and Lippti tells Stocke that Rosch's death will occur in the future, but it can be prevented like Raynie and Marco. At this primary juncture, history branches in two and a node has formed here. Stocke can align with either Heiss or Rosch. Stocke asks what is the point of all of this and they tell him it to bring about the "true" history where the world does not perish by desertification.

The Beginning is added as a node and Stocke obtains Mana Crystal × 3. At every save point from now on, you can go to Historia and travel to other nodes and you can spend Mana Crystals to recover HP and MP. The Story menu is unlocked and you can view the timeline and read the White Chronicle entries. Leave the infirmary and when you are ready to make your decision, speak to Rosch in the Hall.

  • Join Rosch Brigade
  • Stay under Heiss