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Quests are available from NPCs that have a red icon above them. While in-progress the icon color changes to yellow. Once the objectives are met the icon changes to green and talking to the NPC will complete the quest. In the White Chronicle, completed quests are marked with a star icon. Quests that have a key icon are considered important for the main story line.


Night Watch[edit]

Soldier Recruit[edit]

Standard History: Chapter 1[edit]

The King's Daughter[edit]

Accident in the Cave[edit]

What Was Inherited[edit]

The Ultimate Dish[edit]

Alternate History: Chapter 1[edit]

Red-Letter Day[edit]

Marco the Calm[edit]

  • Right-Cut Scroll
  • Left-Cut Scroll
  • Sleep Gas Scroll
  • Roll-Cut Scroll

Raynie the Active[edit]

  • Darkshield Scroll
  • Slumbering Scroll
  • Piercing Scroll
  • Poisoner's Scroll

Flower of Promise[edit]

A Letter to Tomorrow[edit]

Engineer Recruit[edit]


Jail of the Monsters[edit]

Standard History: Chapter 2[edit]

One and Only[edit]

Mankind & Beastkind[edit]

Alternate History: Chapter 2[edit]

Swordsman Recruit[edit]

Mercenary Recruit[edit]

Standard History: Chapter 3[edit]

Despairing Young Man[edit]

Assassination of Dias[edit]

Alternate History: Chapter 3[edit]

Second Opinion[edit]

Wandering Soul[edit]

Battlefield Missive[edit]

Standard History: Chapter 4[edit]

The Next Foe[edit]

The Road to Victory[edit]

Alternate History: Chapter 4[edit]


  • Impale Core Part
  • Blast Core Part
  • Haste Core Part

Samra's Last Words[edit]

A Wish-Filled Gift[edit]

Standard History: Chapter 5[edit]

An Unwanted Reunion[edit]

Alternate History: Chapter 5[edit]

The Beast God's Birth[edit]

The Ultimate Skill[edit]

  • Strongman Book
  • Tristrike Book
  • Wind God Book
  • Omnipedia

At Journey's End[edit]

Standard History: Chapter 6[edit]

The Good Thief's Way[edit]

The Living Legend[edit]

Moon Armlet[edit]

Fates Etched in Sand[edit]

The Blades Trial[edit]

  • Shade Pact
  • Death Pact
  • Fire Pact
  • Soul Pact

The Starlit Trial[edit]

  • Meteorite Pact
  • Thunderstar Pact
  • Firestar Pact
  • Icestar Pact

The Light Trial[edit]

  • Sunlight Pact
  • Firelight Pact
  • Protection Pact
  • Divine Pact

Alternate History: Chapter 6[edit]

Thaumatech's End[edit]

A Scholar's Creed[edit]

Alternate History: Final[edit]

A Timely Warning[edit]