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Perfect Chronology added new features and additional story content to the original Nintendo DS version.

New Artwork[edit]

New character designs by Masaki Hirooka. The most notable change was Eruca having long hair.

Added an opening animation by A-1 Pictures and event illustrations.

Possible History & Nemesia[edit]

Introduced a new character named Nemesia who is seeking artifacts. Stocke can visit additional possible worlds that exist outside the standard and alternate history timelines.

Modes & Difficulties[edit]

When starting a new game, you will have to select one of two modes. Once selected, you cannot change it.

Perfect Mode
New content is incorporated into the flow of the story. Recommended for those who played the original version.
Append Mode
New content is unlocked after playing through the original story. Recommended for those did not play the original version.

After selecting a mode, you will then have to select a difficulty.

Difficulty Retry Battle Change Difficulty
Friendly Free No
Normal 3 Mana Crystals Yes
Hard No Yes
Deadly (DLC) No No

Battle Changes[edit]

  • All characters besides Stocke can learn support skills and use them when not in the party.
  • Can view enemy and ally weaknesses and status changes by pressing X button.
  • Guard command was renamed to Defend.

Miscellaneous Changes[edit]

  • New text localization
  • Voice acting
  • Maps are displayed on the lower screen when exploring and can be panned with Stylus button
  • Event dialogue can be auto advanced by pressing Y button
  • Most equipment stats were rebalanced
  • Various menu and UI changes
  • Grabbed objects can be moved in all directions instead of just horizontally and vertically
  • Walking with B button was removed