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3rd Street Saints[edit | edit source]

Leader Julius Little
Important Members Troy, Johnny Gat, Poindexter 'Dex', Lin, You
Specialization Gang Warfare
Primary Race(s) Racially Diverse

The 3rd Street Saints are the smallest gang in Stilwater, in the beginning of the game. This is the gang the player becomes a part of. They are mostly residents of an area of Stilwater, called Saint's Row. The gang started to repel the other 3 gangs from "The Row." But its Leader starts to think bigger...

Los Carnales[edit | edit source]

Leader Hector Lopez
Important Members Angelo Lopez, Victor Rodriguez, Luz Avelos
Specialization Arms and Drug Trafficking
Primary Race(s) Hispanic and White

Los Carnales (not The Los Carnales) are the oldest gang in Stilwater. Hector Lopez took over when he and Angelo's father was killed. They have Colombian drug contacts, and are the source of drugs in Stilwater. Victor Rodriguez is the gangs enforcer, and a good one at that. Los Carnales will have to defend themselves from the Saints.

Vice Kings[edit | edit source]

Leader Benjamin King
Important Members Warren 'EZ Money' Williams, Anthony 'Big Tony' Green, Tanya Winters
Specialization Retail, Prostitution, Music
Primary Race(s) Black and White

The Vice Kings are operated by Benjamin King, gang banger turned philanthropist. The gang owns a record company, as a legal form of revenue. The gang's prostitution is controlled by Tanya Winters. Anthony Green is King's bodyguard. Williams runs the record label, but wants to prove himself more. The Kings are organized and have many resources.

Westside Rollerz[edit | edit source]

Leader Joseph Price
Important Members William Sharp, Donnie
Specialization Racing, Cars
Primary Race(s) Asian and White

The Rollerz are kids from the suburbs. Joseph Price and his gang are all about automobiles. William Sharpe is Price's uncle, and finances the gangs activities. Donnie is a mechanic, and friend of Price. Up and coming gang, still needs to be dealt with.