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As the first stage in the game, you can expect the lowest amount of aggression from the enemies. They won't even fire at you unless you loop through the stage a number of times. Take this time to get to know the enemy patterns. You must especially identify the enemies which travel horizontally across the screen once they line up with you. There is an enemy like this in every time period.

There are no hidden entrances in this time period. The warp at the end of the stage will provide you with access to DA 1608 for the price of 3000 time pieces.


The enemies that you find here serve as the basis for many of the enemies that you will encounter in later dungeons. They are all primarily weak enemies with a very basic wander and seek behavior. Some will follow you as best as they can while other simply roam around the room making a nuisance of themselves. The blue/green enemies can be destroyed with fewer hits than their red counterparts, so be careful.

SSF 2010 dungeon map.png
Bomb this location to find an Oanesu crest.
Shop A Bombs: 100 Escape Unit: 500
Shop B Bombs: 100 Barrier Capsule: 6000
Shop C Escape Unit: 500 Boots: 800
Shop D Bombs: 100 Boots: 500
Shop E Bombs: 100 Twin Laser Unit: 7500
  • From the start, walk up, and enter the corridor to the right. Walk to the top of this corridor. Entering the room to the right is optional. Enter the room to the left.
  • The gate here is sealed, and you must collect two dungeon crests to open it. Enter the left corridor and visit shop B to acquire the Barrier Capsule. You can purchase up to three of these and it is recommended that you take all you can afford. Remember this location well.
  • Travel south and enter the corridor to the left. You can bomb the wall to the north to reveal the entrance to shop C, but nothing special is sold there, so ignore it. Instead, take the passage to the left. As soon as you arrive, stop and face the north wall. Place a bomb near the left edge to reveal an entrance. Step inside to collect the first Oanesu crest which you need to enter the dungeon in DA 0316.
  • Then proceed to the top of the same corridor to retrieve the first dungeon crests. Now backtrack back to shop B, and enter the room to the left. Continue to the left, and enter shop E if you would like to buy (and can afford) the Twin Laser Unit.
  • Travel one more room to the left. You will now see a large monster guarding the entrance to a cave. He fires projectiles at you, but you can easily dodge them by hiding behind the columns in the middle of the room. His projectiles will be blocked by the column, but you can shoot right through them and destroy him. Then enter the cave above to collect the second dungeon crest.
  • Now return to shop B, and move one more screen to the right to return to the gate. An opening will now be present. Pass through it to collect the first secret time stone.


Right at the very beginning of the game, you can earn 400 time pieces before reaching the first shop. At that shop, you can purchase a bundle of 3 bombs for 100 time pieces. Collect three of them to reach the maximum of 9 bombs right away.

This time period's dungeon is the most reliable era in which to purchase Barrier Capsules. At 6000 time pieces, they're not cheap, but they are certainly worth the price, especially since dying will cost you a lot more if your collection of time pieces is over 12,000.

Also worthwhile is the Twin Laser Unit for the Neo Final Star, costing 7500 time pieces. They are powerful and sweep through enemies, taking out many with one shot. They do fire a tad slowly, so you may wish to wait to activate them until you have also collected the Pulser which will speed you up, and activate them together.