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This page lists all events that happen in Holodrum after you defeat Onox.

That is, in a linked game if you played Oracle of Seasons first, then Oracle of Ages, there is still something to do in Oracle of Seasons.

Secret to Labrynna[edit]

After clearing Oracle of Seasons, you will be given the Secret to Labrynna. This is a password that can be used in Oracle of Ages when starting a new game. The new Oracle of Ages game is known as "linked game".

Link will start the game with an extra heart and his L-1 sword. Also, ten secrets will become available, and Link can thus obtain ten extra items. Furthermore, there will be a final chapter where Link has to fight the Twinrova witches and Ganon himself.

Ring secret[edit]

Whether you used the secret to Labrynna or not, you can also transfer all your collection of rings from one game to another. Talk to the Red Snake in Vasu's jewelry, and he'll give you a password to be told to the Red Snake in any other Oracle of Ages or Oracle of Seasons game, whether linked or not.

Since some rings are only available in a linked game, this is the only way to get a full collection of rings.

Ten secrets between Labrynna and Holodrum[edit]

All the secrets in this section are available only if you first cleared Oracle of Seasons and then continued the game in Oracle of Ages.

In a continued/linked game of Oracle of Ages, ten extra characters will appear and tell a secret password for a character in Oracle of Seasons. The latter characters will reply with an upgrade and a second password. Tell the password to Farore, oracle of secrets, and the upgrage will be available in Oracle of Ages, too.

Two characters give a Magic Ring instead of an upgrade: this can be transferred using a ring secret (see#Ring secret, above) instead of talking to Farore.

Graveyard secret[edit]

LZ7 seasons2 secret graveyard.png
  • Unlocked: after chapter 1.
  • Labrynna: talk to a ghost in the north-east part of Yoll Graveyard (during Zelda's age).
  • Holodrum: go to the graveyard in the south-west and dig near a tomb without flowers.

Play the mini-game and win a Heart Container.

Deku secret[edit]

LZ7 seasons2 secret deku.png
  • Unlocked: during chapter 2.
  • Labrynna: during Ambi's age, talk to a Deku Scrub in the western part of the Deku Forest.
  • Holodrum: go to the Natzu region and find a Deku Scrub in a cave in the middle of the area.

If your seed satchel is full with 50 seed per each of the 5 types (in Oracle of Seasons), you will get a seed satchel upgrade. The satchel in Oracle of Ages will be upgraded regardless of the number of seeds or seed types.

Ruul secret[edit]

LZ7 seasons2 secret ruul.png
  • Unlocked: after chapter 2.
  • Labrynna: during Zelda's age, visit the mayor in Lynna City and talk to his mother.
  • Holodrum: tell the secret to the mayor in Horon village.

You will receive a Ring Box upgrade: it will contain two more rings.

Temple secret[edit]

LZ7 seasons2 secret temple.png
  • Unlocked: after chapter 2.
  • Labrynna: during Zelda's age, go back to the collapsed entrance of the dungeon in the Faeries Woods and talk to a great faerie there.
  • Holodrum: visit the Temple of Seasons, walk under the fountain and talk to a great faerie there.

You will receive the L-1 Heart ring.

Pirate secret[edit]

LZ7 seasons2 secret pirate.png
  • Unlocked: during chapter 3.
  • Labrynna: during Ambi's age, talk to a girl on the coast south of the Dark Tower.
  • Holodrum: talk to a pirate skeleton who was left behind in the Subrosian hideout.

If you have exactly 777 ore chunks, you will receive a Bomb Bag upgrade: it will carry 20 more bombs.

Clockshop secret[edit]

LZ7 seasons2 secret clockshop.png
  • Unlocked: after chapter 4.
  • Labrynna: during Zelda's age, talk to an old woman near the Ember tree in Lynna City.
  • Holodrum: dig behind the clock shop in Horon Village.

In this underground arena, an old man challenges you to defeat several enemies within 30 seconds. If you succeed, he will upgrade your sword. If you owned the L-2 Noble Sword, it becomes the L-3 Master Sword!

Biggoron secret[edit]

LZ7 seasons2 secret biggoron.png
  • Unlocked: during chapter 6
  • Labrynna: during Zelda's age, talk to a Goron on the north-west corner of East Rolling Ridge.
  • Holodrum: tell the secret to the Biggoron.

You will receive the Biggoron sword.

Subrosian secret[edit]

LZ7 seasons2 secret subrosian.png
  • Unlocked: during chapter 6
  • Labrynna: during Zelda's age, talk to a Subrosian in a cave on East Rolling Ridge, near the Target Carts mini-game.
  • Holodrum: go to Subrosia from the Winter Woods portal, then walk west.

Play a grass-cutter mini-game: cut all grass with three boomerang throws. When you will succeed, the Subrosian will give you ten Bombchus.

Smith secret[edit]

LZ7 seasons2 secret smith.png
  • Unlocked: during chapter 6
  • Labrynna: during Ambi's age, talk to the Subrosian near the Mystery Tree on East Rolling Ridge.
  • Holodrum: go to Subrosia (e.g. from the Winter Woods portal) and tell the secret to the master smith.

The master smith will upgrade your shield. If you owned the L-2 Iron Shield, it becomes the L-3 Mirror Shield.

Diver secret[edit]

LZ7 seasons2 secret diver.png
  • Unlocked: during chapter 7
  • Labrynna: talk to the Hylian (human) diver in Zora Village during Zelda's age.
  • Holodrum: tell the secret to the master diver in a house in Sunken City.

The master diver asks you to navigate his sunken basement and retrieve an item within 30 seconds. The Roc's cape allows to save a crucial couple of seconds. When you succeed, the master diver rewards you with the Swimmer's ring.