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Now the Crimson Jihad is really taking it to Harry and the Omega Sector as they took over the Forbidden City in China and have planted a nuke, which if detonated, not only will it kill thousands but will see the United States getting the blame, potentially causing an international incident.


Things are heating up now! Somewhere inside the city is a nuclear warhead set to blow. There’s no time to evacuate. Your only chance is to find the keys and disarm it!


Head upwards and kill the henchman next to the hut as well as the one below right. Inside the hit are some grenades. Head downwards where the second henchman was into another area with signs that have henchmen popping in and out to fire at you. Beware of the red shirt henchman that will charge at you from the left. Continue upwards where two more henchmen will be roaming around. Head into the left nook for another henchmen and some shells. Moving on upwards and watch the red shirt coming above from the left and the flamethrower guy on the right, in front of another hut. Inside the hut will be another henchman. Kill him to collect the Shotgun and some health. Moving on left where you will run into two more henchmen/ Continue down to exit the area into outside in the trees. As you head out there, beware of the tow henchmen as they will be hidden in the bushes. The right of this exit though has some Shells.

Moving on down the sidewalk will be one henchman on the side and two in another side. After mowing them down. Heading left and you’ll find two paths upwards and downwards. Be careful of the hidden henchman. Go upwards real quickly and kill the two henchmen in the bushes. You’ll see a gate but you’ll need a key to be able to access it, which we will collect later on. You will see an open area among the trees. Head in there and kill a henchman to find some Flamethrower Fuel and another gate, which again, needs a key. Exit this area and head to the down path from the sidewalk.

As you head into a new area, mind the two henchmen stand in front of the two gargoyle statues on both sides as you enter. Several things to do here. The upper left hut has some health to collect. The middle courtyard has three henchmen and Shells. Head downwards to the right of the courtyard with the henchmen were. Kill the henchman and collect the grenades. To the left opposite the fence is another henchman and a gate, which once again, needs a key to enter. Go left and kill one more henchmen and head left into where the big hut is. Two openings of the hut has rocket launcher guys. Just weave in and out with your shotgun till each one is dead. The last one will have some Shells to collect. Moving a bit further left will spawn a redshirt. Once he’s out of the way, you will see some gates different from the others. Unlike the previous gates, these can be destroyed. Just shoot them till one of the doors explode and head into the area. The next area is something of a maze. As you head in there, a redshirt will spawn, but a grenadier will be opposite the fence. You probably won’t see him yet, and in this tight space can be dangerous, but you can use him to blow up the redshirt. Head left to another gate. Kill the henchman below in the trees. Don’t take out the gate yet. Instead lob a grenade of your own at the grenadier to take him out. Going the right way from the entrance will be a henchman next to another statue. Kill him and get the health if you need it. The opposite side will be another henchman. Just grenade him and move a little bit more to the right to find some Uzi ammo behind another statue. Two gates will be here and once again need to be destroyed to enter. As you enter, watch out for the grenadier. Opposite of the fence on the right of the upcoming courtyard will be another redshirt near some Shells. Grenade him, then enter the courtyard and take out the henchman. As you exit this courtyard upwards, one more henchmen to kill and opposite the fence will be a redshirt grenadier, who can be tough to get due to him moving around, so try to brush him off and head left. Once more henchmen in front of the sign and below will another destructible gate. Enter that after taking it out and head left where you’ll find more henchmen with some tossing grenades at you. As you follow the path going into the right, near the statue will be some Uzi ammo and the Nuclear Warhead keys, that you need to disarm the nuke at the end of the level. Gib will let you know of this and will require two more.

From where you entered the area, head up the stairs into another courtyard. A redshirt will come at you. Collect the shells and before you head up the stairs, toss a grenade. As you do and proceed, the very first grenade launcher guy will come for you, but will be caught in the grenade and will blow him up. Head to where he was and Gib will let you know you have found the key to the catacombs, which is the gate seen below of the main courtyard area from earlier. An extra life can be collected as well. Leave this area and head through the gate seen at the bottom of the main courtyard area. As you head there and going through the path going right, kill two henchmen hiding in the bushes. Head up to the small courtyard and kill two henchmen. Some health and Uzi ammo can be found. You will also see opposite the fence are the Flamethrower, Fuel and some Uzi ammo, which we’ll get later on through a secret passage in the Catacombs. For now head on downwards and kill the henchman who will strafe in your current position. As you head down, be careful of the mines on the ground and on the fence, head through the upper portion to proceed. As you head into the area, another henchman will be waiting. The right nook there will have another hidden henchman who will peek-a-boo in and out to fire at you. Another henchman will be positioned from the upper left. Now you find the entrance to the Catacombs. Kill the two henchmen guarding the left and right of it before entering.

If you thought the previous courtyard maze was harrowing, this Catacombs is a maze and can get easy to lost in as well as it being grueling, due to it being long and danger-filled. From the entrance, head upwards as you’ll run into a henchman. Kill him and on the interlocking path from left to upwards again, kill another henchman, then one more continuing the path upwards. Heading right now, two henchmen block your path. Terminate them, then you’ll run into two more. After they’re done, continue on upwards and you’ll see a right passage. Just go up for now and there will be a trio of henchman. Kill them and you’ll run into two more. After they’re done, head to the left passage for a redshirt and some grenades. Continuing from the path, one more henchman to kill and moving on up to the end where you will find a shotgun and some shells. Now head into the right pathway. As it proceeds up, there will be yet another henchman and now a chaingunner. Head into the left path to find a henchman and some health. Continuing upwards, two more henchman will block the path and one more in the right nook. You’ll find another, but be careful of the mines. In this small space, it’s easy to step on one. Moving on the path to the left, kill one more henchman, then toss a grenade and move slightly forward as a grenade launcher guy will spawn. Move the opposite direction quickly as he should get caught in the grenade right as it blows up, killing him. Moving on, head to the down nook first to kill a henchman and collect some health and shells. Go on up through the tunnel, but kill the henchman hidden in the tunnel as he will block you. In this new area, two henchmen will be on the left. Now there will be three henchmen opposite a small wall, where you could either toss a grenade at them or continue left and ambush them. Once they’re dead, collect the Uzi and some ammo for it. Moving on right, kill two more henchman. You can walk through the blackened door for a secret health. Going on right kill another henchman to the downwards path with a henchman behind a wall, but keep going right for now for some secret goodies as you’ll find an upper path with another henchman and more mines. Where the mines are with the two paths, head right first and as it ascends downwards, kill another henchman and there will be another health pick-up. Downwards, kill another henchman and all the way down with another henchman. Now head right and you will go through the wall for another secret to collect. You’ll find yourself in an area with a redshirt and health. A door will be above. Go through it. Now you’re outside where you saw the flamethrower from earlier. Collect the items and go back inside the catacombs.

Leave the secret area and this time go upwards on the mine-filled pathway On the left nook, kill the henchman, so you can collect some mines and the key to the Palace. Now close by, you will see another passage blocked by two mines. You could either dive through as to not detonate them or toss a grenade where they are, which will blow them up and make things easier to access. Once you get past it, press right, down right again and you’ll go through yet another secret area where a health can be found. But we’re not done yet. At the end, head down for another secret area where you can find some grenades. But be careful, as a rocket launcher guy will be awaiting you behind a wall. It’s low though, so you can shoot him. Above where he was is an extra life. Continue downwards on the mine path where you found the secret path to the flamethrower and heading left will be two more henchmen heading down, and you’ll see a room across you with two Buddha statues, but go left for now to kill two more henchmen. Heading down will be another henchman and another chaingunner, but there is health at the end. Opposite the low wall is a redshirt grenader, which you can kill off if he can get in range, otherwise, move on. Head right past the room to kill another redshirt closing in on you and after him, two mroe green shirts and the end has health.

Now enter the room with the Buddha statues and kill the henchman on the left. Below the wall will be another red shirt who comes at you and another green shirt too. Downwards on a small path, kill the henchman and get another extra life. Move on right now, and collect grenades at the end and go down in yet another room. Opposite the low wall will be a rocket launcher guy, but be careful as there’s barely any room to maneuver to take him out with you taking damage, The angling of the Uzi will come in handy here. Going on down will be a tricky part. You will find several more statues, but two rocket launcher guys are there and in this tight space, and their rockets colliding with the statues, it will seem like they fire quicker. Quickly dive down past the statues, use your Uzi to take them out quick as it will be hard to take your time with this tight space with no real protection, especially the one on the right. The left guy will be easier to take out with more room to move. If you do get banged up (and you probably will), there is some health. Go on down the left path now and kill another red shirt coming for you. Head up through the tunnel and head left for two red shirt grenadiers. Since their grenades will bounce off walls, just wait for them to blow themselves up to save you some hassle. On the down path, one more grenadier needs killing. Descending down will be two more henchman and shells. Head up first and kill yet another grenadier. The left nook will have a henchman, but moving on up and at the end will be health and grenades. Continue left and kill another henchman, then one more before you head into another area with a small wall with two henchmen on the left and right of it. Down the path will be one more henchman. Downwards heading right, you’ll run into two more rocket launcher guys in a row, which you do have enough space to strafe back and forth to do damage. After this one more chaingunner will need killing. You’ll find another nuke key and at the stairs one more rocket launcher guy needs killing. After that head up the stairs and we are done with the catacombs.

You’ll exit through the small gate you saw earlier right nearby the gate to the Palace, which means you can get in there quickly across from the gate to the top. Once you enter, heading up will lead to a henchman in front of the statues. There’s health in front of the middle statue. Behind each of the two statues first from the middle are two rocket launcher guys. Take them out quickly, then head up the steps which lead to the entrance of the Palace. The left and right respectively have a green shirt and red shirt. The right is more health. Once done, enter the Palace.

Move up slightly from the entrance with a henchman in the left nook. Another will be roaming about around the left doorway above you. For now, head on downwards from the right doorway leading to a nook on the left with a henchman and shells. Watch your right, though as a red shirt will be standing in from of the doorway firing at you. Once he’s dead, head where he was and dispatch one more henchman and not too far up, in the right nook will be a flamethrower guy. Kill him and collect the shells. Go on up slightly for one more flamethrower guy in another nook. Once you kill him, more health can be collected. All the way up will be one more henchman before heading down the path leading left. As you progress, a chaingunner will be there for you to kill. Head into the doorway below the path for a room with tow henchmen on the right and below the stairs. Kill them and collect the flamethrower fuel there. Don’t go up the stairs yet though. Backtrack to the beginning of the area and head through the first doorways. Both lead to the same area and will have two more henchmen waiting for you as you enter. Heading up will be a red shirt left of another set of stairs. Kill him and head up the stairs. Two paths to go, lower left and lower right. Head the right first to kill two henchmen. The end will have Uzi ammo. Now take the left path. As you enter, two henchmen will wait for you. Take them out and collect more Uzi ammo in the upper corner. Continuing down the path into through the doorway with three henchmen waiting for you, but a wall can provide cover. The next area will have two redshirts. Heading into another are with the stairs will be two more redshirts and a chaingunner as well. Head up the stairs.

From the stairs, head down and you’ll see another set of stairs leading down on the opposite side. Below each, Uzi ammo can be collected. Where the second stairs is, head right and kill the henchman. The right of the stairs leading to the next room is a redshirt with Shells. Back track and go in the right set of stairs from earlier to go back to the previous floor. The right will be two henchmen. Beware of the redshirt and green shirt in the above wall as they can shoot you through the window. Head into their area and kill them. Above will be a window from another room with a roaming henchmen, which you can shoot through the window yourself. Couple of areas upwards will be two more henchmen. Kill them and collect the Uzi ammo where one of them stood. Head up all the way to the end for an Uzi. There will be another flight of stairs leading to the previous floor. Ignore it though and just go back to the set of stairs you entered the floor from but don’t climb them as we’re not done on this floor. Below will be a room with a red shirt grenadier and a chaingunner. The former may kill the latter with his explosives if you lure him right. Once they’re dead, you can collect three Uzi ammo and two more health pick-ups. Time to head back up to the third floor.

Head right and up the steps from earlier to go into a new room. Opposite you will be pillars of wood with a grenadier on the opposite side. Kill him and collect health if you need it. The left and right as you enter the room will be two henchmen with a chaingunner coming from the left as well. Head right to face a trio of henchmen and at the end, on opposite corners, will be two red shirts. Kill them and between where they were will be health and grenades to grab. Now it’s time to take the left path now. There will be more stairs leading to the next room. But pass them for now and take out the henchman standing on the left of it. Continue down the path and another henchman will approach you. Below will be another redshirt. Collect the shells in front of another set of wood pillars and head below to the next room. Down these steps will be two henchmen on the right and in front of you. Once they’re gone, where the front was will be more flamethrower fuel. Below on the right corner will be another henchman. Continue to the left as another henchman will open fire on you. The end will be a redshirt. Go down and take down another henchman and head left into another area with a grenadier opposite the table above you and a redshirt on the lower left corner. After they’re done for, above the table will be an extra life and another nuke key, thus completing the collection of keys you need to disarm the bomb. Head back to the previous room and take the stairs, which will lead you to the next floor.

From where you came in, right above you will be mines to collect. Head on down and kill the henchman as he strafes at you. You can see opposite the wall will be a redshirt grenadier and a flamethrower guy blocking the stairs. If possible, just wait for the grenadier to toss a grenade towards you, but instead will bounce back and possibly will kill both, making things a little bit easier for later. Continue on down for two more henchman to kill. Now make your way left down the path. And watch the henchman opposite the window, just kill him. You can see on the right corner, another room with a flamethrower guy, where a henchman can be burned if you’re willing to watch.. Now continue left and there will be a henchman on the lower corner and a redshirt on the upper corner. Killing the latter will reveal some more Uzi ammo. Now head below the doorway into the new room. More tables, but a henchman on the left and below. Heading below will be that same flamethrower guy from before and can roast another baddie, but as you make your way down, a redshirt grenadier and a regular henchman will wait for you. Now focus on the flamethrower guy and don’t forget the Uzi ammo opposite him. You’ll be in another area with two small flight of stairs leading into the next room and a long table. Kill the redshirt on the lower left corner. Across the table will be another green shirt and below right will be yet another red shirt grenadier. Where he was health can be collected. Now make your way up the stairs and watch for the flamethrower guy as this room is cramped, but another henchman will be there and will be likely burned. Another small flight of steps will have a henchman blocking the way. Head up the stairs and into the right nook with two henchmen and health. Opposite that will be another redshirt and two green shirts above and below. Another flight of stairs leading to the next and last floor. Collect the shells from the left before moving on.

As you enter, there will be three pillars: left, middle and right with henchmen will be behind the left and right. Don’t take cover on the middle as you will be susceptible to gunfire, just go behind the left and right ones and take them out. Easier to use grenades on each of them. However after you do so, shells will be under the middle pillar. Above the pillars will be two redshirts which can be gun downed before you pass the pillars. Proceed upwards for two more pillars with henchmen hiding behind each and a two redshirt grenadiers. Another henchman roaming around needs to be killed as you continue up to two flamethrower guys on left and right nooks. And as this is alittle bit more narrow than the beginning of the floor, it’s easy to get burned, so keep your distance and aim for them. After one dies, you can head into one of the nooks where one was and kill the other. Where they were is grenades on the left and health on the right. As you head up beware of another flamethrower guy above standing in the middle. Moving upwards will be two redshirt grenadiers. Try to kill them from a distance. Before you enter the next room will be a rocket launcher guy on the upper left corner. Kill him and collect the Uzi ammo where he was, and one more henchman blocking the door to the next room and continue. However, another rocket launcher guy will be behind him and he could just kill him for you. Before you go on, head in front of the pillar where the rocket launcher guy is behind and toss a grenade to save yourself some pain. Be sure to time your throws right as his rockets exploding can bounce the grenade away from him. Upwards still, as things continue to narrow, another henchman the left of a wall and another flamethrower guy on the right corner. Blocking the next room though is one more flamethrower guy. Kill a red shirt and green shirt as you head up and don’t go too swiftly as two more flamethrower guys will be there on opposite nooks. And with this tight space, just toss a grenade on one and again, time it right as his flame can bounce the grenades. DO the same to the other or just weave in and out with shots until he’s history. Above will be one more blocking the nuclear warhead. After you kill him, just walk to the bomb, and you’ll hear a deactivation sound and Gib will contact you saying the bomb was about to blow and will let you know about how the Crimson Jihad has taken over an oil refinery. Now breath a sigh of relief as you have just beat one of the more harrowing missions.