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Throughout his mission, Harry will combat a variety of members of the Crimson Jihad, each more deadly than the last and requiring their own strategy to defeat.

Basic Henchmen[edit]

TrueliesGreen shirt henchman.png
TrueliesRed shirt henchman.png

Basic Henchmen are the most common enemy Harry will face in his missions. These guys all vary in their functions.

  • Sometimes, they stand still and shoot at you.
  • Others will walk around and shoot, sometimes they even charge at you.
  • Their fire rates can vary. Sometimes they let out a few bullets and take a second break before resuming shooting while others blaze away with no time to breathe!
  • Some of these guys will even throw grenades. Their own grenades can not only hurt you, but civilians and even their own guys, sometimes even blowing themselves up!

They have slick black hair, t-shirts and dark pants, but they come in two different colored shirts: green and red. The green henchmen are weaker while the red ones are faster and take twice as much damage. Three pistol or machine gun shots or a direct shotgun blast (double either for the red henchmen) will do them in.

Security Guards[edit]

TrueliesSecurity guard.png

Exclusive to the Chateau mission, Security Guards have short brown hair and wear blue suits. They will not shoot at you unless you fire your weapon. Afterwards, they will let off several quick pistol shots at you. A few pistol shots or a direct shotgun blast will kill these guards.

Snow guards[edit]

Again, another exclusive to the Chateau mission and on the snowy hill part, these guards wear white winter clothing and shoot bullets rapidly, which can drain your health in a hurry. A shotgun blast or two or some Uzi rounds will rid of them quickly.

Ski gunners[edit]

Like before, only seen on the Chateau mission at the end part, they wear white winter clothing like the previous enemies and ski downhill firing a machine gun. You can walk in their direction, or they'll run into trees or other snow guards. Not much of a threat.


The third and final enemies exclusive to the Chateau snowy hill part, they drive on black motorized sleds, firing their guns at you. More often than not though, like the ski gunners, they'll run into other guards or trees, blowing them up, sending the rider flying off dead. Don't get caught in the explosion though, as it will hurt you.



Shotgunners have a ponytail, red shirt and black pants. They do their damage when they get up close to you, and it can take a chunk off, so try to keep your distance when going against him. Uzi or grenades are the best weapons to use against him. He first appears as a boss in the Mall, then makes appearances in later levels as a regular enemy.



Chaingunners have brown hair, red shirt and pants and walk slowly, bursting out a few shots every few seconds, which can quickly drain your health. Either weave in-and-out up close with a shotgun between his shots or stand slightly above him and let loose your Uzi on him. Just don't go too far up or he'll turn around and get you. First appears in the Park.

Flamethrower guys[edit]


Flamethrower guys are bald with red suits. They stand still, facing your position and let out a stream of flame every few seconds. Get caught in it and you will be burned quickly. Again, either weave in-and-out between shots or keep your distance and shoot him. One good thing about him is you can lure other enemies into his line of fire and he'll burn them too. First appears in the Subway level.

Suicide bombers[edit]


Suicide bombers have blond hair, red shirt with a bomb on it and brown pants. They will quickly walk up to you and if they touch you, they'll detonate their bomb and do a bit of damage to you. Again keep your distance and shoot him until he blows up harmlessly. First appears in the Subway level.

Rocket launcher guys[edit]


Rocket launcher guys have blue shirts, brown pants and with a blue rocket launcher. Like the flame thrower guys, they will face your position and fire their rockets at you, which can kill you pretty quickly if you're not careful. One way to take him out is to have your Uzi and find a spot where he won't move and the rockets will fly by out of harm's way and use your angling to take him out. Otherwise weave back and fourth between rockets. First appears in the Docks level.

Grenade launcher guys[edit]

Wearing sunglasses with a purple and red outfit, these guys are rare, but deadly. As with any enemy with explosive weaponry, you can lose health in a hurry if you're not careful. Keep your distance and use an Uzi or Shotgun until he goes down. Don't get too close or he'll fire at you. Alternatively, lure him into the path of a grenade to save yourself the trouble. First appears in China.

Mini trucks[edit]

Mini trucks are the first exclusive enemy to the Highway mission and will fire off several shots at the Harrier while weaving back and forth in the road. Just aim your cannon on it till it blows up.


The second exclusive enemy to the Highway mission, bigger than the mini trucks, jeeps have gunners pop out and fire at you and keep weaving back in forth, though they are slower than the mini trucks. Like before, blaze your gun at it until it's destroyed.

Barracks trucks[edit]

The third exclusive enemy to the Highway mission, Barracks trucks are seemingly harmless at first until you let them go off-screen when they will fire a rocket behind you, causing a good amount of damage. Again, best to destroy them fast.

Warhead trucks[edit]

The forth and final exclusive enemy to the Highway mission, these trucks are your main objective on the level. Look similar to the Barracks trucks, but have a nuclear symbol on top. They take a beating so launch some missiles and fire away on your cannon until it's destroyed.