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The Crimson Jihad are really on the prowl now as they have sieged an oil refinery out in the desert. Harry, continuing his pursuit of the terrorist organization, arrives to clean house.


The refinery is under siege, Harry! Take ‘em all out before this place blows sky high!


From the starting point, right before you follow the road, head left under the pipes. Destroy the barrels to snag a shotgun. Continue down the road now. In front of the building will be the first two henchman as the path turns left. One more will be above near an oil tank. Below will be an opening leading to a nook. From the right as you enter will be some Shells. As the road turns upwards, another henchman will be there and as you proceed, to the right, before you reach the crossing gate, will be two grenadiers opposite pipes with explosive barrels between them. They’re not close enough to the barrels where the explosion will kill them, but they could suffer debris damage and can be shot through the pipes. There will be health where they are, but you will have to take the right path to get it. As you reach the gate, a red shirt will be patrolling around. Take him out then head all the way to the top with a grenadier opposite pipes that can be killed. There are two paths that can be taken to the main refinery building: left and right, both having their own obstacles and collectibles.


Going the left way, there will be some grenades above the road and a s you proceed, a chaingunner will approach you. Take him out and as the road goes downwards, there will a henchman taking pot shots at you. Moving on down, a redshirt will quickly charge at you, so be prepared for him. And as the path turns left, a red shirt will come from that area diagonally towards you, so adjust yourself and lock yourself accordingly to take him out. There will be a nook on the left before the road turns which will have a redshirt. Killing him and there will be some Shells under him for you to collect. As the road turns, one more henchman will be there shooting at you and head below for a group of explosive barrels. Destroy them to reveal some health. Moving on left via the road, reach the end for a green shirt and red shirt grenadier. The path to proceed is upwards, but first, head down for another nook to get some more Shells. As you head upwards, there will beak a flaming stream from one of the pipes. Like the steam from the Subway mission, it will damage you if it touches you, so avoid it. There will be a redshirt waiting for you, but once you get his attention, you can lure him to his death to the stream. As it turns right, there will be a redshirt grenadier upwards behind some pipes, but there are walls in front and back of them, so you can’t shoot him. Instead you’ll need to use a grenade to kill him. After that, a flamethrower guy will need to be killed as he blocks your path. And because of the small space, just pop in and out taking shots at him till he’s done for. Moving up, one more grenadier will be on the opposite side with the walls, so again, a grenade of your own will do the trick. As you proceed up, there will be a flamethrower guy which you can kill from a distance. Before you move on upwards, you can head down where the grenadiers you just killed were, but beware of a redshirt as you enter, so just fire your pistol from a distance until he’s dead. There will be some grenades and shells to grab. Just be careful of the stream as you get the latter. Going on up, there will be a rocket launcher guy at the upper left corner and a regular henchman coming from the right, but he’s at a distance, so the rocket launcher guy will be the biggest threat. Just bob in and out between rockets until he’s dead and you can get some health where he was standing. Right where he was will be another nook to go into with explosive barrels. Tread lightly though as a rocket launcher guy will be on the right and you don’t want to get caught in the massive explosion. Once again, a grenade is required to kill him, but at the top, there will be an Uzi. After this, continue down the path right and there will be a rocket launcher guy above, behind pipes. He can be shot at, but it’s best to throw a grenade as a chaingunner will come from the right as well, so it’s best to take out the former, then concentrate on the latter. As you head p, two paths to go: the left will be the regular path, but head up first. You can see a flamethrower guy and a grenadier on the left opposite pipes. But the grenadier is close enough to be flamed. While you go up, there will be a henchman to kill. The right of the pipes has a chaingunner who can be lured into the flaming streams to be killed. The end upwards leads to a dead end with more shells. Watch the grenadier on the left though, as he’ll need a grenade himself to be killed. As you head left, that flamethrower guy you seen can be shot through the pipes if you again bob in and out with your gunfire. Head up to the path and it will turn left where you will find another henchman and shells. The exit of this maze has a rocket launcher guy on the left with him guarding some health. Exit and there will be Uzi ammo below the small building. As you head back on the road, there will be two henchman and a redshirt grenadier. Head right and down into a nook where the last flamethrower guy where you can collect two Uzi ammo and health. Now backtrack to the beginning of the new road and head up where you will run into a redshirt grenadier and three henchmen as you head towards the gate. All the way up, in the corner wall of the building is two Uzi ammo. Now head right down the road where there will be another henchman before you head to some explosive barrels with health and yet another henchman. Now the road goes down and right again with a redshirt on the lower left corner and a chaingunner coming from the right. Watch for a henchman opposite some shootable pipes. Go on right a little bit more where there will be a rocket launcher guy and explosive barrels, all blocking the entrance of the main refinery building. Detonating the barrels will kill him though. A red shirt might approach you, but any leftover barrels should take him out as you head into the refinery.

From the entrance, head upwards until you reach two paths leading left and right with two redshirts blocking both ways with an explosive barrel in front of the right, which can be destroyed and kill him. The right way will lead to a dead end with health and grenades. The left will have a couple of barrels and a redshirt who will block you path. Once you reach the end, two more ways to go: up and down, with the upwards having a redshirt and downwards having a green shirt. Going down will be a room with a barrel blocking the entrance. Destroy it and destroy the barrels from the right entrance to get a shotgun. The left and lower right corner will be henchmen. Shells will be in the lower left corner underneath barrels. Destroy more barrels and continue left until the end with a henchman. Upwards, destroy the barrels and move on with two redshirt grenadiers, with one maybe being killed if you destroyed the barrels. As you head up, there will be another redshirt running at you, but a close-by barrel will take care of him. The right nook will be a flamethrower guy and barrels behind him with Shells underneath. Continue up with another redshirt that can be lured to an explosive death via barrel. There will be health to collect as a redshirt will appear upwards. Head to the left way and press against the wall you can go through and head down to a secret area with three Uzi ammo. Left where the structure is, kill another henchman leading to a room with a redshirt and two more (one a grenadier) near barrels. Shells can be collected. Destroy the barrels to collect the keycard. To the left where that was, press left against the wall, then go up to a another secret room with health. If you move to the end, you can snipe off a redshirt with your Uzi. Backtrack to that one structure near the Uzi ammo secret room and go to the upper right of it with another redshirt grenadier which can be killed by blowing up the barrel and you can find a nook with a redshirt grenadier near barrels and two Uzi ammo. Below the redshirt from the lower right as well. Continuing right, there will be another redshirt and you make your way to a room with henchmen in the upper corners and barrels in the middle that can be destroyed to reveal health. Downwards are some presses and past them is the entrance lead to the first path from where you entered the building. Continue right and downwards, blow up the barrels blocking the path leading to the conveyor belt with three presses, that you have to dive by quickly and carefully, as it is easy to get caught under them, and will take a bit off health. Not only that, more barrels will go down the belt and will explode if caught under the presses. Destroy one before you get on the belt and move quickly towards the end where there will be a door to enter, which requires the keycard you collected earlier.

From the entrance, head to the end of the platform and you can see a redshirt on the other side of another platform between the sludge than can be sniped off. From the upper right, a nook will have a barrel that can be destroyed with Shells underneath. Pressing left against the wall will lead to another secret room with two Uzi ammo and two flamethrower fuel. Continuing on down the path going right as you run into a redshirt grenadier. Another fork in the path with upper right and down. Downwards is another redshirt. To the right on an opposite platform is another flamethrower guy that can be sniped with your Uzi. Head down where another redshirt will come for you. The path moves right and you can go up where that flamethrower guy was for some health. Continue down as another redshirt on an opposite platform can be killed. Downwards is a flamethrower guy. Be careful as he will shoot off-screen. Once he’s dead, you can collect an Uzi and some ammo. Going the left path from where he was, a nook on the left has some barrels to destroy where you can collect some shells. Head downward and on the left are some pipes you can walk on to a secret room. You’ll find yourself on an island with barrels to be destroyed, but keep your distance. After this, you can collect the flamethrower and two fuel and it will come in handy for the end of the level. Exit the area and continue the down path as it heads right. Two redshirts will be there with one hiding behind an above structure.

Opposite side of the platform there will be two redshirts abve and below your position and they will fire continuously without a break, so just toss a grenade to end them. Move upwards for one more redshirt grenadier and on the left is another barrel to be destroyed so you can collect a keycard. Above nook has some more barrels to be destroyed first but on an opposite platform, there’s a redshirt near a barrel that can be taken out. Move back down to the previous platform, destroy barrels and head right and above will be another redshirt grenadier. Go on the opposite side of the structure and above will be another flamethrower guy to kill and some more shells to collect where he was. Moving on up, another fork in the road: left and right, blocked off by barrels. Feel free to destroy the barrels, but head left to kill one more redshirt and head up the upper left way where you got another redshirt grenadier and another redshirt on an opposite platform that can be picked off by your Uzi. Head where he was and destroy the barrels for health. Another redshirt will be on an opposite platform for you to kill. Head left, then take the first up, where there will be a flamethrower guy and more barrels, though the baddie here is too far away from the esplosives. But on another opposite platform, kill the redshirt before foucing attention on the flamethrower guy. Backtrack and head back to the fork and take the up path where the barrels were. As you head to the platform, there will be another flamethrower guy and another fork with two paths leading up with a redshirt close to you on the left way. Best to kill him, then take down the flamethrower guy. Plus on the right platform, you can have a head start on taking out a red shirt and a trio of green shirts. Going the right way now, another flamethrower guy will wait for you. As the path turns left, beware of the two henchmen on the above platform where are not seen on-screen but will still fire on you. But if you get on the edge, they will be visible. Head to where they were for some Uzi ammo and health. Continue left where a redshirt will block your path. As the path turns up and left, another flamethrower guy will wait for you as well as a redshirt. The nook where the flamethrower guy was has some barrels as well as the nook close to where the redshirt was. Both have Uzi ammo underneath. Going left will be more barrels that block the path. Destroy them and collect more Uzi ammo. A redshirt grenadier will be again on another opposite platform. As the path turns right, you should see more presses coming down, but a chaingunner will come from the right as well. A nook below has some flamethrower fuel. Go past the presses and through the door for the next area.

As you enter, a flamethrower guy will be all the way to the right. After he’s down for, as the path goes down, a redshirt waits for you. Making your way right a little more, a redshirt will wait for you at the end as well as a another fork in the path, going up and down, both having more presses. Note the upper way has a flamethrower guy., who can be tricky to kill due to the presses, but luckily, there is a safe spot where you can kill him by angling the Uzi. Mines and health can be collected. Head down through the safe gap of the presses and you will find two presses you have to pass through to get to the next area. Wait for the first one to come down, then go where that was and after the second goes up, take a dive. You might get nicked, but better than taking more damage from walking through. Above more presses and a safe gap, but don’t go through it as a flamethrower guy is in perfect position to roast you. Just pass the press and fire at him. Stay at the end of the wall and you’ll be safe. Head up through one more press and as the path goes left, another flamethrower guy. Keep proceeding left and a chaingunner will come for you. As it’s narrow where he comes, just Uzi him to kill him quickly. Keep going and after one more chaingunner, you’ll face downwards for more presses. Pass one, then head left for a small room with a redshirt grenadier and more shells. Keep going down and pass another press and you can collect two more Uzi ammo. One more press and at the end before going left will be another redshirt grenadier. Health is at the end. The path turns left briefly, then up again with another series of presses to navigate through. You’ll face a couple more henchmen and at the end is another redshirt grenadier. Now the path goes right with a series of nooks and more presses. The first has a henchman and Uzi ammo. The second will have another henchman and again, Uzi ammo. A door is above, but like before, a keycard is required. Keep going and there will be another nook with a press in front of it and a redshirt inside. Just get in the nook quick and kill him. Again same thing as the previous nook. The next nook has another redshirt, but now it’s between the presses. Kill him and collect the keycard. Now head back through that door, because it has one more keycard to get to the final section.

Once through the door, the right nook has shells and Uzi ammo. Move on left and go through more presses and kill the redshirt in the above nook for Uzi ammo. A couple more to pass and a chaingunner will come from the left two. But a below nook has two Uzi ammo. The end has the flamethrower guy with health and the last keycard. Exit the area and go through the series of presses again until you reach the end heading down with one more nook below having an extra life. Right before you go down, health can be collected. Proceed on and kill another redshirt and pass through the door. Going down then right, you’ll run into another henchman, plus a redshirt grenadier who will be near barrels. Another henchman will strafe in your path and a last redshirt grenadier later and you’ll reach the end. As you go up, there will be Uzi ammo on the left and shells and health on the right. You will definitely need it for this upcoming part.

From where you enter, it’s recommended you plant a mine. You’ll see why as you go all the way up. There will be two conveyor belts and both will have bad guys coming out of it and they just progress in difficulty as you kill them. You’ll start off with some henchmen that can be gunned down with your Uzi pretty easily. Plus there will be a couple above the belts. But kill them and don’t worry about them again. However, it’s the opening below that will be the bigger worry as henchmen will constantly come through as you deal with the baddies on the belts. Even some shotgunners will come through, but again, thankfully not as tough as the one you faced in the mall. That’s where the mines come in. Just keep planting mines in front of it and they should walk into them. But if not, and/or you run out of them, the Uzi will do the trick. However, if you still got the flamethrower, this will make this part much easier as you can deal with them in seconds. Again the baddies on the belt start off with the green shirts and later ones will throw grenades. Then it will be the flamethrower guys. After a couple more henchman that throw grenades and fire rapidly, there will be two rocket launcher guys on the belts. Again, the flamethrower comes in handy as you can just toast them and be done with it. After they’re dead and the enemies that come from below are dead too, Gib wil let you know about how the Crimson Jihad are transporting weapons to America and they need to be stopped. This mission is now wrapped up.