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The terrorists are on the run throughout the Florida Keys with some escorting nukes to the mainland. Harry boards a Harrier in an attempt to stop them.


From Gib's level briefing:

Four trucks carrying the warheads are escaping across the Florida Keys causeway. You only have four minutes to destroy them before they reach the mainland!


Something different this time as we know take control of a Harrier jet flying across the Highway. Don't expect a nice Sunday flight though as you'll have your share of attackers on you. Despite what Gib says, there is no time limit, but you do want to be quick about this level. You will have three types of enemies: the small jeeps with gunners, Military style trucks, that if you fly past the, (go off-screen), they'll shoot a missile at you, and vans with gunners. The two gunner vehicles can drain your health quickly, so hold down on the fire button for the duration of the level and position yourself in the lower middle, so you can be in good point to destroy the terrorists as soon as possible. Eventually, you will run into one of the trucks carrying warheads (they can be identified with a nuclear symbol on the top). Highly recommend you use your missiles to blow these up as they take quite a beating and the goal is to beat this level fast. After this, you will have three more trucks to deal with, so keep an eye out. After the last truck is destroyed, the mission will be complete.