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Choose whichever option you're most comfortable with when climbing up the wall.

After a session with Dr. Hill, the story will begin from the perspective of Sam. Follow the path to the gate, then examine the note attached. To the left is a wall that can be climbed; press Cross button to begin a short QTE in which you are presented with two decisions. It doesn't matter which you choose here, just attempt to hit all buttons successfully; for the safe path, Square button and Circle button, and for the quick path, Triangle button. Another decision follows, this one timed; if choosing to climb, the button combination will be Triangle button and Square button, and if choosing to jump, press Triangle button.

The first totem of the chapter can be found after reading the Native American plaque.

Now over the wall, Sam can continue down the path to the manor, at which point she crosses paths with a squirrel. Being the animal lover she is, you are now required to stay completely still so as not to startle it. Consider this practice for future "don't move" prompts; if you struggle here, make sure a surface is available to place the controller onto. Once that's over with, climb the short set of stairs and continue down the narrow path. At a turn is a plaque that covers the meaning of the various totems. After reading it, pick up the Guidance Totem as prompted.

Any of Your Business
Choosing to snoop will negatively impact your relationship with Chris.
The first clue can be found on the side of the cable car station.

A short walk forward is now all that's needed to reach the cable car station. Once there, check out the backpack on a bench by the station for your first butterfly effect: will you close the bag or will you snoop? Though this decision doesn't have any real impact on the story, whatever option you choose will affect Sam's relationship with Chris, so choose wisely. After meeting Chris, don't follow him all the way around the back of the station just yet. On the side of it is the first Mystery Man Clue, the Wanted Poster. You can now meet up with him at the shooting range for another tutorial, and the player character will switch to Chris.


Rats with Bushy Tails

Until Dawn Ch1 Squirrel.jpg

Choosing to shoot the squirrel will not only result in Sam getting injured by a crow immediately afterward, but will lock you out of obtaining all clues later on.

Shoot everything as instructed by the tutorial, and you will then be presented with another butterfly decision. Avoid shooting the squirrel (unless you desire a bad end) by just letting the timer run out.

Afterward, follow Sam back around to the front of the station. You have another chance to check out the Wanted Poster here if you missed it with Sam, but otherwise, nothing of interest. Unlock the door, then wait for the cable car. You can investigate the office while waiting, but there are no collectibles inside. Once it arrives, climb on to ride to Blackwood with Sam. After the scene, the perspective switches once again.


Head toward the door to the station to meet with Chris and Sam. After letting them in with R2 button, you will be presented with a conversation choice. Explaining the situation to them will slightly increase her relationship with Chris while decreasing her relationship with Sam, and insisting he give the letter back will decrease her relationship with Chris but increase it with Sam. Regardless of whoever you choose to please, the conversation will continue on and the perspective will then switch to Matt.


Follow Emily down the path until a scene in which you are introduced to Mike, Emily's ex. Threaten him to get on Emily's good side or welcome him to get on Mike's. Once the two of them are alone, you're presented with another choice. Agree to take the bag off with no complaint to increase your relationship with Emily. Either way, Matt will give in and continue up to the lodge on his own.


The Soul of Discretion

Until Dawn Ch1 Soul of Discretion.jpg

If you encourage Matt to look through the telescope, he will confront Mike about what he saw later on.

Now playing as Ashley, move the camera down to the left with Neutral rstick to spot an intimate interaction between Mike and Emily. After Ashley provides some commentary, move the camera again and she'll meet up with none other than Matt. This leads into the next butterfly effect: do you encourage Matt to take a look at the meeting between Mike and Emily, or mislead him into thinking the telescope is busted? After making a decision which will come into play later, the perspective will switch back to Jessica.


Avoid hitting the bird; save the snowball for Mike.

Choose to read the book or check the phone; Mike will interrupt Jessica's peace either way. Perform some QTEs and use Mike for some target practice to get through the snowball fight. When presented with the choice to hit the bird with a snowball, avoid it; hitting it will only hurt your relationship with Mike. Once the fight is over, you can choose to either kiss Mike to increase your relationship further or surprise him with another snowball. This concludes the first chapter.

Before continuing onto the second chapter, answer some questions for Dr. Hill. These will determine how the game will attempt to scare you later on, so answer honestly.