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Move the player character with Neutral lstick, just as in any action game. Turn the camera with Neutral rstick; if holding a source of light, this also allows you to shine the light wherever you desire. Approach a point of interest, usually an item, with Cross button and use R2 button for further interaction (for example, press R2 button to make the player character press a button or hold R2 button to make the player character pick up an object). If an object has been picked up, keep holding R2 button while moving Neutral rstick to turn it around. Use Touchpad button with a swiping motion to flip through the pages of a book, unlock a smartphone, or light a match.


Hold Left rstick or Right rstick when presented with a decision. If either direction is not held long enough, the decision will not be made, giving you the opportunity to make another.


QTEs form the bulk of the game's more dangerous segments. These will usually utilize the controller's face buttons (Triangle button, Circle button, Cross button, Square button) but may also involve a target during points where something must be hit or shot. In this case, aim with Neutral rstick and attack with R2 button. Another of the game's more difficult yet important actions is actually complete inaction: the "don't move" prompt. Via the PlayStation 4 controller's motion sensors, the game will detect whether or not you remain still; if you make even a slight movement, your character will as well. In a case such as this, it is recommended to play in front of a surface, in which case you can place your controller onto it whenever prompted with "don't move" in an intense situation.