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To the Rescue

Until Dawn Ch4 To the Rescue.jpg

Take the quickest path to save Jessica.

The chapter opens with a long QTE sequence that doubles as a butterfly effect. Jessica has been dragged off by someone - or something - and Mike must be quick if he wants to save her. This entails taking the quickest path at every opportunity and hitting every button successfully. Below is a list of all correct choices, as well as the button combinations to clear them:

  • Risk shortcut (Triangle button, Circle button, and Square button to hop across the river).
  • Move the scope with Neutral rstick to the bottom-right of the screen to find Jess (you can take your time here).
  • Jump down (Square button to grab onto the branch).
  • Triangle button to duck under a fallen tree, Square button to hop over one, Circle button to duck under again, and Triangle button to hop over again.
  • Jump (Circle button to the first ledge and Triangle button to the next).
  • Risk slide down (Circle button to grab onto a branch and Triangle button to hang onto the ledge before dropping down).
This Guidance Totem is at the base of the stairs.

That's all for the chase, so you can pick up the lantern and take your time for the rest of the chapter. After the scene, head down the stairs. As soon as you've descended, you should see Guidance Totem #4 to the left. Pick it up before continuing on your way, past the "unsafe/keep out" sign. Jess is only a short walk away, scraped up but moving or dead based on your actions. Attempt to reach for her to trigger a scene, after which Mike will attempt to shoot a figure up above. Shoot him or not, it doesn't matter. Mike will proceed to chase after the figure (press Triangle button to jump over the gap), after which you are given some choices:

  • Safe or quick (both Circle button, Triangle button, Square button, Circle button).
  • Shimmy (Square button, Triangle button) or climb (Triangle button, Square button, Circle button).
  • If you chose shimmy, you'll be presented with another choice: climb (Triangle button, Square button, Circle button) or shimmy (Square button, Triangle button).

None of these choices matter, so choose whichever you prefer. For the final jump, press Square button, then Triangle button to slide under the door after Mike tosses the gun aside, and all QTEs in the chapter will be cleared. Light the torch to conclude Mike's segment of the chapter.


Take a left at the fork to find a clue and a totem.

This segment of the chapter is much more relaxed, so take your time picking up some collectibles. First, shortly after exiting the mansion, you should come across a fork. Take a left to find Death Totem #4 and Mystery Man Clue #15, a severed pig's head. Return and take a right to the barn, but before entering, head around the side to find Loss Totem #3.

...And Which One Will Die?
Choose which friend to save by moving the lever. Saving Ashley is recommended here.

Now that the collectibles are out of the way, head inside for the second butterfly effect of the chapter. Move the lever to one side or the other in order to save one of Chris' friends. In this case, it is recommended that you choose to save Ashley, as choosing to save Josh will actually lead to the same result.

After a scene, you end up in another session with Dr. Hill. As always, this doesn't have any real effect on the story, so answer as you wish.