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Until Dawn chara Sam.jpg
  • First playable: Chapter 1
  • Strongest Traits: Brave, Charitable, Honest
  • Strongest Relationship(s): Josh, Chris, Ashley, Emily, Matt
  • Played by: Hayden Panettiere

A vegan and a pacifist, Sam is also one of the more levelheaded of the group. As Hannah's best friend, she attempted to prevent the events of the prologue, and chastised the group for their inconsiderate actions when unsuccessful. Still, she remains friendly with the group, and makes the trip back to Blackwood in order to support Josh.


Until Dawn chara Chris.jpg
  • First playable: Chapter 1
  • Strongest Traits: Funny, Curious, Charitable
  • Strongest Relationship(s): Ashley, Josh
  • Played by: Noah Fleiss

Chris is considered the "nerd" due to his interest in technology, though he fits right in with the rest of the group due to his sense of humor. During the tragedy a year before, Chris was passed out along with his longtime best friend, Josh. While he enjoys a good prank, Chris is also very protective of his friends, willing to go to great lengths to avoid putting them in danger. He also has a mutual crush on Ashley, though like Ashley, he is too shy to confess his feelings.


Until Dawn chara Jessica.jpg
  • First playable: Chapter 1
  • Strongest Traits: Honest, Funny, Romantic
  • Strongest Relationship(s): Mike
  • Played by: Meaghan Martin

Jessica is the "popular girl" of the group, having been crowned homecoming queen and possessing the typical traits of one (enjoys partying, hates studying). Though she and Emily were friends a year before (both having played a part in the prank that set the events of the tragedy in motion), they have developed something of a rivalry in the time since. She is now dating Emily's ex-boyfriend, Mike, and believes Emily harbors some jealousy and resentment over their relationship.


Until Dawn chara Emily.jpg
  • First playable: Chapter 6
  • Strongest Traits: Curious, Brave, Funny
  • Strongest Relationship(s): Matt, Mike
  • Played by: Nichole Bloom

Emily is an honors student with an attitude, never hesitating to speak her mind. Though she remains good friends with her ex-boyfriend, Mike, he is now dating her former friend Jessica, which has sparked some enmity between the girls. While she cares for her current boyfriend, comparatively soft-spoken jock Matt, she tends to boss him around and refer to him as a "meathead" if he displeases her. Like Jessica, Ashley, Matt, and Mike, she played a part in the prank that indirectly resulted in tragedy a year before.


Until Dawn chara Matt.jpg
  • First playable: Chapter 1
  • Strongest Traits: Honest, Charitable, Romantic, Curious
  • Strongest Relationship(s): Emily, Jessica
  • Played by: Jordan Fisher

Matt is the jock of the group, a successful football player who enjoys all sports. While he is one of the stronger of the group, he most often prefers to avoid conflict. He is currently dating Emily; though they sometimes clash due to their very different personalities, Matt will usually concede to her commands. Because of Emily and Mike's past relationship, he doesn't get along with Mike very well.


Until Dawn chara Mike.jpg
  • First playable: Chapter 2
  • Strongest Traits: Romantic, Funny, Brave
  • Strongest Relationship(s): Jessica, Emily
  • Played by: Brett Dalton

Mike is the charismatic and intelligent class president, able to win over his peers with his charm. Despite this, he can be inconsiderate of others' feelings, as most strongly evidenced by his manipulating Hannah's crush on him to pull off a prank with his friends a year ago. While he dated Emily in the past, he is currently in a relationship with homecoming queen Jessica, though he maintains a friendship with Emily despite the resentment between the two girls.


Until Dawn chara Ashley.jpg

Ashley is one of the more thoughtful and serious members of the group, and unlike some of the others, she's quick to jump to the conclusion that the prank performed a year ago was the reason for the sisters' disappearance. Because of this, she harbors some guilt, and usually looks to Chris, whom she has a crush on, for comfort. While Chris and Ashley's feelings for each other are mutual, neither have worked up the courage to confess, a subject of teasing among their friends.


Until Dawn chara Josh.jpg
  • First playable: Chapter 10
  • Strongest Traits: Funny, Charitable, Curious
  • Strongest Relationship(s): Chris
  • Played by: Rami Malek

Josh is the son of a film producer and brother of Hannah and Beth, twin sisters who disappeared a year before. During the prank that set the events of the incident in motion, Josh was passed out alongside his best friend, Chris, due to heavy drinking. Josh's family owns the lodge where his sisters disappeared, and so invites his friends back a year later in order to reunite in their memory. While he may still be in the process of grieving, he covers it up with a jovial attitude.