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Night of the Totem Hunter
Gold Trophy unlocked.png
Night of the Totem Hunter
The group found all the totems on the mountain.

Totems are collectible that allow the characters to see their potential futures, good or bad. Below is a basic list of totems, sorted by type. For detailed directions and images, see the walkthrough.


# Found
1 Beth, Prologue; A short walk from the deer that gallops in front of her.
2 Matt, Chapter 5; To the far left of the cable car station, by the picnic tables.
3 Mike, Chapter 5; Behind the long descending staircase after exiting the chapel, in the left corner.
4 Chris, Chapter 4; After taking a left at a fork, by the pig's head.
5 Emily, Chapter 7; At the end of the path behind the ladder, in the elevator area.
6 Sam, Chapter 9; After taking a right at the first fork, then going up the stairs.


# Found
1 Mike, Chapter 2; To the right of the gate, by the generator.
2 Mike, Chapter 3; At the end of the path left of the truck.
3 Emily, Chapter 7; After turning on the power for the elevator, at the end of the path down the stairs.
4 Mike, Chapter 9; To the left of the hole in the wall leading to the graveyard.
5 Ashley, Chapter 9; In a nook to the left of the path to the manhole cover.
6 Sam, Chapter 10; After taking a right at the fork, by a tree to the left.


# Found
1 Chris, Chapter 2; Directly across from the window Chris enters the lodge from.
2 Mike, Chapter 2; After exiting the mines, take a left at the fork.
3 Chris, Chapter 4; Around the side of the shed, all the way at the end of the path.
4 Mike, Chapter 5; After entering the sanatorium through the basement, by a barrel.
5 Ashley, Chapter 9; After choosing to investigate the voice, left at a fork.
6 Matt/Jessica, Chapter 10; Along some mine cart tracks, behind the cart.


# Found
1 Sam, Chapter 1; Along the path, in front of a plaque explaining totems.
2 Chris, Chapter 2; After walking down the stairs of the lodge, toward the camera by Matt.
3 Mike, Chapter 3; After Mike is scared by a bird, to the left of a bridge along the path.
4 Mike, Chapter 4; At the base of the stairs, to the left.
5 Matt, Chapter 5; After walking up some stairs, to the left of the path.
6 Emily, Chapter 6; To the left of the stairs that lead up to the tower.


# Found
1 Chapter 2, Mike; After stopping the mine cart, to the right of the fork.
2 Chapter 5, Mike; Left of the fountain, by the front gate of the sanatorium.
3 Chapter 5, Matt; By the base of a tree, toward the cliff.
4 Chapter 8, Emily; On a deck to the right of the main path.
5 Chapter 10, Sam; To the right of the drop-off into the water.
6 Chapter 10, Josh; Left of the first fork, at the end of the path.