Animal Crossing: Wild World/Golden tools

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As in previous Animal Crossing games, players can receive golden versions of the tools in the game. These tools have special effects of varying degrees and can sometimes take some effort to receive.

  • Golden Shovel: The Golden Shovel is the easiest golden tool to get. Simply bury a normal shovel anywhere in town and leave it there for 24 hours, then dig it up. The Golden Shovel allows players to plant Bells (money) and grow them into Money Trees. Money Trees have a chance to bear money bags as fruit, tripling the amount planted.
  • Golden Net: The Golden Net is received from Tortimer after catching one of every bug in the game. The Golden Net is twice as big as the normal net, allowing players to catch bugs more easily.
  • Golden Rod: The Golden Fishing Rod is received from Tortimer after catching one of every fish in the game. The Golden Rod has a luring effect, making it easier to catch fish.
  • Golden Axe: The Golden Axe is received from Pascal after successfully completing the trading game (see below). The Golden Axe is unbreakable.
  • Golden Can: The Golden Watering Can is received from Pelly or Phyllis after keeping the town in perfect condition for at least 16 days. The Golden Can allows players to turn withered Black Roses into Golden Roses.
  • Golden Slingshot: The Golden Slingshot is received after shooting down 15 floating presents with the normal slingshot. The Golden Slingshot will be the next present players shoot down. The Golden Slingshot fires three pellets at once, which spread out once they reach the upper screen of the DS, making it much easier to shoot things down.

The Trading Game[edit]

To receive The Golden Axe, players must embark on a complicated trading game. The final result can be the Golden Axe or one of several NPC photos which players can place in their house for extra HRA points.

  1. Purchase Red Turnip seeds from Joan the Sow on a Sunday. Plant them. Red Turnips must be watered daily.
  2. Dig up the Red Turnip and give it to Wendell the Walrus when he comes to town. Wendell will either give players a Turban or a Country Guitar.
    • Give the Country Guitar to K.K. Slider to receive his picture.
  3. If the player received the Turban, they must give it to Saharah the Camel when she comes to town. Saharah will give players a Massage Chair or a Red Vase.
    • Give the Red Vase to Redd the Fox. He will give the player a Safe.
      • Give the Safe to Tom Nook to receive his picture.
  4. If players received the Massage Chair, give it to Tortimer the next time he is outside City Hall for an event. Tortimer will give the player a Scallop.
  5. Pascal is the last person to talk to in the Golden Axe Trading game. Once you give him the scallop he will ask you "What did you drop on the beach, man?". Your options are as follows:
    • A golden axe, in which case he will call you a liar but will give you the Golden Axe anyway.
    • A silver axe, in which case he will say you are lying and will ask the question again.
    • Nothing, in which case he will give you his picture.