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You must have the Cobweb duster and telekinesis to complete this area.

Open the fridge and collect Clairvoyence; this allows you to see invisible entities, or through the eyes of another person.

Use it on the guard to find out that the milkman is dead. This opens the door to the outside.

Nice, normal neighbourhood[edit]

Collect the stop sign at the third house. Use it to get past the road crew and head to the hedge maze. Open the door on the right, jump over the fence, and go through the middle gate. (Use clairvoyance and the feather to see it close.) Collect the flowers.

Head to the cemetery, burn the thorns, and smash open the wall. Collect the book.


Head to the post office.

Enter any combination in the keypad, move back, and use clairvoyence to see the entered code. Once the guard returns, enter the code that you saw into the keypad.

Enter, and use clairvoyence to see through the security camera. Collect the plunger, and return to the main neighbourhood, to be stopped by a nightmare.

The nightmare will use ground attacks, but if you are too close, it will grab you and slam you against the floor. At half health, it will dive underground and unleash a volley of attacks through the floor.

Use levitation to dodge ground attacks, while using PSI blast or melee attacks. Once it is at low health, it will break apart, but begin to regenerate. Grab one of the bombs on the ground with telekinesis, and throw it in the nightmare to finish it off.

Go through the sewers. Get past the assassins using shields to block shots. Invisibility may work, but isn't guaranteed. Enter the sniper tower and pickup the helmet and use clairvoyance. When the phone rings, pick it up. Return to the telephone pole, and defend against the second nightmare. (You can head to the other telephone pole, but its easier to wait until you complete the area. )

Ride across the telephone line. At the end, hit the door, and hide behind the wall to the left of the door. Turn invisibility on, and enter as the Rainbow Squirt enters the door. If you do not yet have invisibility, use PSI aggression to hit the Rainbow Squirt, and run inside before she gets back up.

Den Mother[edit]

The den mother is vulnerable to PSI blast. She has a long range attack, and will also throw an exploding cookie box.

Once she is at half-health, she will darken the room. Collect the God's-eye in the center of the room, and activate Clairvoyance.

An alternate method of killing the Den Mother is to use and hold Mental Focus for the duration of the fight. You can detect her initially by glowing eyes, and the mental focus will keep her in view as long as it is active.

Once she is defeated, the milkman will awaken, and the doors to the asylum will be unlocked.


  • Stop sign is at the car.
  • Flowers is found in the hedge maze.
  • A plunger is in the post office.
  • Rifle, after collecting the book
  • Phone, in the sniper tower
  • Hedge clippers in trunk of car near sewer workers
  • Watering can in the trunk of the car next to the post office
  • Rolling pin in the house with the watering-can agents


  • 9 in the start
  • 17 at first two houses.
  • 2 inside the second house
  • 6 at third house (4 outside, 2 inside)
  • 8 at fourth house (7 outside, 1 inside)
  • 4 at road crew area
  • 10 at fifth house (8 outside, 2 inside)
  • 4 at telephone line area
  • 6 at sixth house (obstructed by gardeners)
  • 9 at seventh house (8 outside, 1 inside)
  • 7 at eighth house
  • 8 at ninth house
  • 8 at tenth house
  • 4 at graveyard (requires flowers)
  • 2 at eleventh house (requires water)
  • 3 inside hedge maze
  • 1 behind hedge maze
  • 4 at twelfth house
  • 8 at thirteenth house
  • 6 at fourteenth house
  • 8 at fifteenth house
  • 6 at supermarket
  • 4 at the house after the road crew

Trunk tags[edit]

Type Tag Bag
Purse On roof of early house At second house
Steamer trunk behind eighth house Behind the Sniper's building
Hatbox On isolated island, accessible by phone lines At tenth house
Duffle bag In thirteenth house Behind graveyard
Suitcase Behind a house near the road crew In the post office


  1. Covers fourth house entrance
  2. At tenth house (past sewer area)
  3. At fourteenth house
  4. At supermarket
  5. At sniper tower