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You've gained Levitation, and now need to return to the experiment.

Levitate to the top of the tower, and land on the extended platform. To do this, you need to punch the rotten meat that blocked your way before. Follow the brain down the chute.

Blueprint Brain tank[edit]

The brain tank has three attacks:

  • The first is a targeted PSI blast. It locks on to you, and is avoided by hiding behind a pillar.
  • The second is a confusion grenade.
  • The third is a ramming attack. It will expose its weak point before charging at full speed. Hit it when it's weak point is visible, and bash it until it recoveres.

As it takes damage, the tank will fire more confusion grenades.

When the tank is destroyed, the brain will sill remain active. It will keep throwing confusion grenades, and is destroyed by melee attacks. Its main threat is a sweeping laser attack. To destroy the second form, Approach when it jumps to another location by a levitating jump.

After destroying the tank, you will need to reach Lily by the lake.


In the previous experiment attempts, you obtained:

  • 4 surrounding the gypsy caravan.
  • 4 outside the egg.
  • 16 leading up the ramp to the monster.
  • 5 between the monster and the first cliff
  • 11 above the cliff ledge
  • 5 after jumping down.
  • 13 after climbing up the second cliff, before the spire.
  • 12 at the base of the tower.
  • 5 climbing up the thorn path.

Now, collect:

  • 2 in the bathtub
  • 1 in the thorny tower


  • 1 is in the bathtub

Other items[edit]

At the base of the tower is a pickup that increases your maximum projection depth.