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Once you start this section, you have passed the point of no return. All camp locations are inaccessible, and you can only access other mental worlds from now on.

Psychoblaster Death Tank[edit]

In the first form, the tank will shield itself with two layers of debris. There will also be debris that you can use as well.

Use the debris you can access to punch a hole in the outer wall. When there is enough space (such as two pieces destroyed or absent in a row), run forward, and ignite the inner layer.

Once the inner layer is burnt, run in the direction it is moving to keep infront of the gap. Keep breaking a hole in the outer later, and throw a boulder at the tank to crack the glass protection.

Once three boulders hit the tank, it will be disabled. Approach the tank to continue.

After this, you only have access to your telekinesis, shield and invisibility powers in the normal world. Continue advancing to the tank to proceed.

Meat Circus - Escort run[edit]

Escort Oly

You are now in the final area - the meat circus. You will notice a ghost trying to speak; this is the game's annoying sound, and you'll find out what it is later.

Head forward into the circus. At each point in the escort run, you need to ensure Oly takes the bunny. You can either paralyze the bunny either by confusing and grabbing it, or hold it with telekinesis to let Oly take it. You also need to prevent Oly from taking too much damage.

The first part is simple. Hold the bunny in position to continue.

On the second bunny position, climb the ladder, and jump to the platform. Continue to jump on the round entity to bounce up to Oly. Hold the bunny in position.

The third patform requires swinging on a trapese, and swinging on the out-cropping bones on a side of a slab of meat. Perform a levitating jump to the spinning wheel. Jump as soon as he raises the leg to throw the knife, so that it hits the wheel. Grab the sword, and swing-jump to the platform. Get the bunny to complete the escort run.

There is a fourth section to the escort run involving a set of jumps on several platforms of meat, then a second knife thrower. The knives need to hit the very edge of the wheel, and you need to time the jump well. Then you need to jump on 1 rope, follow it to the crossing rope, then follow that down to Olly.

You now get to ride the tunnel of love. The ride itself is simple; jump whenever there is a gap in the rail. You should accelerate once you collect the duffelbag tag, as you will approach an upward slope before some gaps. If you want to bypass this rail, you can jump straight forward from the left corner, float around the left of green building, and land at the entrance to the main event.

Oleander's Father[edit]

Butcher Boss (1)

Oleander's Father has four attacks:

  • A kick, if you get too close
  • Quick vertical chops, easily dodged by running away
  • A wide horizontal swing, blockable by the shield or evaded by jumping
  • And the most important, a hard vertical chop.

When you see him prepare a vertical chop, run diagonally or to the side to dodge. His cleaver will get stuck on the ground; run up the arm and across the back of the shoulder, and punch the head to injure the father. Once he is hit three times, he will tear a hole in the circus wall, and throw you and some small ball through.

Acrobat run[edit]

Acrobat Run

In this section, you need to reach the top of the circus before it gets flooded. In addition to the obtacle course, you will have to dodge some projectiles thrown by your father. Remember that you can use invisibilty to hide if you are on a stable surface.

Levitation jump up the ladder, and swing across the poles to the wheel. Use the trampoline to grab a sword, make sure you are turned left, and jump to the platform. Run or jump across the rope, avoiding the thrown projectiles.

Jump up the trampoline, and head to the ropes supported by two metal poles. Climb them, and run across the rope to two floating platforms. Jump onto the metal spiral and climb to the left. To reach the next segment in the spiral, reach the extreme left of one segment, perform a double jump directly left (using float after the second jump), and turn towards the grill to grab it. At the top spiral, jump to the nearby platform and run to the burning hoop.

Use a levitation jump through the burning hoop, and float up. Repeat for each of the hoops. On the final approach to the final hoop, dodge left or right as you float down. Catch and climb onto the platform.

Swing across the poles, avoiding the cleavers. Once you reach the tight rope, double jump over the thrown projectiles. Climb down the ladder to reach the final area; if the water is too high up, you'll have to jump onto it instead.

Oleander's Father - second form[edit]

Butcher Boss (2)

The second form of Oleander's father is using flaming cleavers, and is also supported by your father.

When you father throws his projectiles, use telekinesis to throw them into the butcher. When they hit his knee, he will collapse and you can punch him. After the third punch, he will collapse and fall into the grinder.

Final form[edit]

To fight the final form, you are given an ability to become a fight fighter; however, this is only a periodic ability.

When it is active, charge the enemy and punch as often as possible.

When it deactivates, get your shield ready to avoid damage, and run away between its attacks. Its attacks inflict significant damage.


  • 11 figments are outside the big top.
  • 12 are on the first floor of the big top. (This doesn't include the ladder)
  • 7 can be found until reaching the second bunny pickup.
  • 12 can be found between the second and third bunny locations.
  • 16 can be found between the third and fourth locations.
  • 5 can be found between the fourth bunny pickup and the tent exit.
  • 11 are found on the other side of the big top.
  • 20 are found on the rail for the tunnel of love. The blue bunny is off-rail, and requires a jump to reach.


Type Tag Bag
Steamer On circus entrance Left of circus entrance
Hatbox On floating area behind steamer bag Second point in escort run
Purse At the end of the escort run After exiting the first circus area
Suitcase On the ground floor of the escort run After exiting the first circus area
Duffelbag On tunnel of love ride After tunnel of love ride

Other items[edit]

  • Confusion ammo up located behind the steamer bag.