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The Dreaded Octonozzle! is the second boss mission of Octo Valley. To unlock The Dreaded Octonozzle!, the player must complete all six missions in Area 2. The Boss Kettle is located on a cylindrical platform in the center of the area, and the player must ink a path up the side.

Why are the ink levels rising up?


When you start and Super Jump into the arena, it is a mostly grassy arena with some small walls for cover. However, it is advised to use Seekers, Splat Bombs, and Burst Bombs to spread ink for an easier time swimming around when the battle begins.

Upon starting the battle, a tentacle emerges from a hole on top of the Octonozzle. The tentacle grabs the Zapfish once it floats down. Upon grabbing the Zapfish, the fight begins.

Phase 1[edit]

The Octonozzle will attempt to kick purple ink balls at you. You should dodge them and get to cover. Using Seekers to spread ink from your current cover is a good strategy. When the Octonozzle is not looking, you can assault it. It will have a tentacle poking out of a hole, and destroying this will cause its head to spin around. When the head stops spinning, you should quickly but carefully climb the side of the head, as the large pool of ink below the head will instantly splat you. Once you are on top of the head, you should see a tentacle. Splat it, and you will Super Jump away when purple ink gushes out of the hole like a fountain.

Phase 2[edit]

The Octonozzle expands its tentacle section on the middle to two layers. More tentacles will appear out of these sections, and you must destroy them all quickly, as they will regenerate after a time. The Octonozzle now can do a five-ball spread shot, which is dangerous and can be difficult to dodge. After again destroying all of the tentacles, you should once again climb up the head. The Octonozzle will recover quicker this time, so speed is necessary to get up in time. Splatting the tentacle on top again will allow you to Super Jump away and begin Phase 3.

Phase 3[edit]

In the final phase, there are still two layers in the boss' midsection. However, this time, there are even more tentacles to destroy. Also, the Octonozzle can now fire a small stream of ink balls; however, they can be easily jumped over. You must once again quickly destroy all of the tentacles and climb to the top of the Octonozzle's head. Splatting the tentacle on top will cause the boss to explode, exposing the Zapfish. All that is left to do is to collect the weapon scroll and rescue the Zapfish.