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Sheer drops and two separate central sections are this map's defining characteristics. Keep an eye on both sides to avoid an enemy infiltration. Map awareness and smart super jumping is the key to success here!


The map is sectioned into several vertical tiers. The highest tier contains each team's spawn point. Two paths split to the sides, dropping you straight down to the next tier. There is also a grate at the center over a deadly drop, which leads to a staircase on the lower tier. This level features another drop to the following tier, with three extensions serving as vantage points over the level below. Two grates branch off at the sides, with the left grate being the only path up normally.

The third level is where each team mounts their defense. It is mostly flat with a bump in the middle high enough to obscure an enemy player. Each half has a main ledge dropping down to the central battlefields as well as a side route. The left half contains a box that can only be reached from above, while the right half has a minor chokepoint in the form of a pillar. This floor cannot be reached by walking, players must ink the walls to swim up to it. The walls are found on both main ledges leading to the arenas, as well as the right side route.

The arenas themselves are where the majority of the battle take place. They are flat with a piece of uninkable tarp at either end, and are completely disconnected from each other most of the time. The left half of each team has a ramp facing backward. An irregular cross-shaped wall formation lies at the center of the arenas, which can be used for cover or to gain a height advantage over enemies. A large metal bridge runs through the center and obscure the view from the ledge, but it is still possible to shoot through the structure as a charger.

Mode strategies[edit]

Turf War[edit]

Splat Zones[edit]

Uniquely, there is only one splat zone covering much of the sea-facing center arena. This means that Bluefin Depot is actually asymmetrical in this mode, so you actually have to face slightly different terrain depending on where you spawn from. Some attempts at making the map symmetrical has been made. Both side routes now have inkable walls leading to the enemy base, and there are additional boxes on the balcony for extra height. There is also a raised floor opposite the ramp to let players challenge snipers, while two ramps lead from the opposite side to the zone. Lastly, the two side extensions from the second highest floor has been blocked, and a barrier has been added to each team's left-side balcony.

Tower Control[edit]

The tower is located at the center between the two arenas, and two passages lead to it. The tower moves to the enemy's left arena and ascends up to the balcony. After it reaches the second level, it passes the halfway point and near the wooden box, which now has smaller boxes placed around it to enable players to ink and swim on to it. It then proceeds across the floor to the enemy's right side and makes one final ascent to the goal.


The two arenas are now fully connected at the center, and the Rainmaker starts at the middle of that bridge. Once again, both side routes have inkable walls and each arena has a ramp to the other side for easy access. The wooden box also has additional boxes around it for players to swim up it. One last addition is an inkable wall leading to the enemy's right grate. The goal is at the top center of the enemy base, right below the staircase.