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Two long bridges span across a river where the battle is held. You can expect fierce firefights across the gap. The unique floodgates system adds a dynamic element to this stage, creating a path into enemy territory.


The spawn point is raised significantly compared to the ground below, with a path going to the left. In front is a drop to the main walkway below, which leads forward up a ramp to the middle area. Along the path is a wide grate for firing at enemies climbing the grated bridges on the opposite side, a clearing to the left and the floodgates to the right. The floodgates lower during the last minute in Turf War, while it does so immediately in Ranked. They are walls that can be inked when lowered, allowing allies to swim up to the opposite bridge. There is uninkable glass just ahead of the floorgates, followed by a U-shaped raised platform.

From the left clearing, a path leads to two perpendicular walls. These walls can be inked and lets players get on top of them, after which they can fire at foes along the middle path and the central area. The middle path then turns 90 degrees left, where there's a grate extending to the right that lets teammates get closer to the opposite side. The corner and the following hallway is where most of the battle take place, as both teams have a direct line of sight and are close enough to hit each other at Splattershot range. There are two boards acting as shields and several raised platforms.

The bridge then round another corner to the right, with a descending ramp forward and a lower path at the left. This passage leads to the enemy's floodgate area, but it must be accessed by walking up a grated bridge. There is a lot of ground below the grate, and the railings have boards to provide cover. The grate pathway also branches to the right, giving players another path to leap to the opposing side.

Mode strategies[edit]

Turf War[edit]

Only in Turf War, the floodgates don't lower until the very last minute. That means you are limited to taking one linear path to the enemy side, but allows for potential comebacks when the grates lower. There are also barriers across the initial pathway forward that is usually absent in Ranked.

Splat Zones[edit]

This map have two zones, located at the central area in front of each wall.

Tower Control[edit]

A platform now connects the two bridges at the middle, where the tower starts out. It travels along the river in the gap between the bridges, then rises up at the enemy floodgates, passes through it and to the goal in front of the enemy spawn. The barriers from Turf War are also included in this version.


The Rainmaker is found at the central platform connecting the two bridges, while the goal is placed at the corner behind the floodgates. There is now a path from spawn leading straight to the floodgate area to help with defense. Two inkable boxes have been placed along the main corridor from spawn, one for scaling the wall and one going up to the grated path for two-way access between the bridges. The grated path leading to the goal now has small boxes that can be used to hide and recharge ink in.