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Box artwork for The Island of Dr. Brain.
Box artwork for The Island of Dr. Brain.
The Island of Dr. Brain
Developer(s)Sierra Online
Publisher(s)Sierra Entertainment
Year released1992
Preceded byCastle of Dr. Brain
Followed byThe Lost Mind of Dr. Brain
SeriesDr. Brain
Genre(s)Education, Adventure, Puzzle, Programming
ModesSingle player
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The Island of Dr. Brain is a 1992 educational adventure game released by Sierra Entertainment exclusively for MS-DOS. It is the second game in the Dr. Brain series and was recommended for ages 12 and above.

In the sequel to Castle of Dr. Brain, the player assumes the role of the associate of the famous Dr. Brain who has been entrusted with a package that must be delivered to Dr. Brain as soon as possible. To get to the doctor, the player must make his way through the island by solving puzzles that Dr. Brain has set up as security.

The game was designed by Patrick Bridgemon, produced and directed by Brett Miller, the lead programmer was Todd Powers, and the game's music was written by Rob Atesalp.


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