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The Cemetery is one of the main areas of Lore in AdventureQuest Worlds. The Cemetery is one of the main areas where undead can be found, and is apparently the launching point of Sepulchure's attack on Swordhaven.


The Entrance can make you go to the Cemetery but the Cemetery can't bring you to the Cemetery's Entrance. It is found by going to the right of the Drain aka Sewer Entrance. It has two monsters, Skeletal Warrior, easy one, and Slime.

How to get there[edit]

The Cemetery can be accessed by heading east through Swordhaven or by typing "/join graveyard" in the chat box.


The cemetery contains monsters useful to many quests. "Chipped Tooth" are dropped by undead and used in the "Chipped Tooth" quest given by Zorbak. Undead also drop "Slayer Medals" which are used in the "Undead Invasion" quest given by Artix. Finally, Big Jack Sprat drops "Big Jack Sprat's Funny Bone" used in the "Funny Bone" quest also given by Zorbak.