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The Citadel contains different kinds of enemies.

Enemy Level HP
Burning Witch 1 1
Inquisitor Guard 12 1,500
Inquisitor Captain 14 4,000
Grizzly Bear 15 5,000
Inquisitor Captain 14 4,000
Crusader 15 6,000
Belrot the Fiend 25 10,000
Grand Inquisitor


Murry is in the Citadel he gives out quests.

  • Murry's Revenge: You need 8 Guard's Pauldron's.
  • Crusader's Schmusader's: You need 4 Crusader's Gauntlet's.
  • Bad Captain's: You need 2 Captain's Insignia's
  • Which Witch is Which?: You need 7 Witches Gratitude's.
  • Murry's Hunch: You need 10 Mana Vacuums.
  • Magic Overload: You need 5 Mana Amplifiers.
  • Grand Inquisitor's Surprise Visitor: You need 1 Grand Inquisitor Gloves.
  • Summoning Complete: You need 1 Belrot's Head.
  • Grand Inquisitor's Penance: You need 1 Ring of Evil Content.

Murry also has a shop but you can't access the shop until you finish all the quests.