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The apps[edit]


For more details on this topic, see Camera.
ACNH Camera Icon.png

The Camera app is after the tutorial. It can be used to take screenshots, gives you more control of the camera, and access to various filters and frames.

Nook Miles[edit]

For more details on this topic, see Nook Miles.
ACNH Nook Miles Icon.png

The Nook Miles app is the achievement system of this game. It keeps track of your accomplished milestones and gives you rewards in the form of Nook Miles. It is available from the start of the game. After you pay off your initial debt, it is upgraded to Nook Miles+, which gives you repeatable tasks that reward you with Nook Miles.


For more details on this topic, see Bugs or Fish
ACNH Critterpedia Icon.png

You receive this app after donating the first critter to Tom Nook. It shows all caught critters with images and their availability. Use the L button and R button buttons to see the bug tab or the fish tab. When you have a cursor on a critter, it will show Blathers' face next to it if it has been already donated to the museum. The app will notify you every time you catch a new critter.

DIY Recipes[edit]

For more details on this topic, see DIY Recipes.
ACNH DIY Recipes Icon.png

A new feature in-game is taught the first day during Tom Nook's workshop. After completing this workshop, the app is installed on your NookPhone. It keeps track of all learnt DIY Recipes including info about needed materials and it will show you which items you can currently craft with items on hand. You will be checking this often!

Island Designer[edit]

For more details on this topic, see Island Designer.
ACNH Island Designer Icon.png

This app is unlocked when you obtain the Island Designer Construction Permit, which requires K.K. Slider coming to your 3 star island. With this app you can do landscaping (e.g., add paths, cliffs or water structures).

Nook Shopping[edit]

ACNH NookShopping Icon.png

Nook Shopping is initially available only using the Nook Stop, but if you use it often and order 100 items from there, it will become available on your phone to facilitate ordering.

Custom Designs[edit]

For more details on this topic, see Custom Designs.
ACNH Desing Maker Icon.png

Use this custom design maker app to create patterns to your liking. This app is available from the start in its most basic form. The Pro version costs 800 Nook Miles.


ACNH Map Icon.png
The map.

Use the map to help you navigate the way around your new island. The app is available from the start and will highlight all the houses and stores. It will also highlight whenever a shady visitor appears. Press X button to toggle the minimap while playing.

Chat Log and Best Friends List[edit]

ACNH Camera Icon.png

These apps unlock when you play multiplayer for the first time. The Chat log keeps track of all the text bubbles that have been exchanged that session. The Best Friends List allows you to check if your Switch friends (that you have asked to be Best Friends in game) are online.


For more details on passport titles, see Passport titles.
ACNH Passport Icon.png
The passport.

The passport holds all the important details about you and your island: your birthday, name, your island's name, its native fruit, and date of creation. It will note if your character is a resident representative. You can edit the passport; changing the photo will prompt the camera app to open. Taking the passport photo is slightly different from normal photos—your character can only turn, and a frame appears in the middle of the screen around your character's face.
You can also make your own title combining two words. These words can be obtained by completing Nook Miles tasks.

Call Islander[edit]

ACNH Call Islander Icon.png

The Call Islander app becomes available after a second playable character moves onto the island. It is used to initiate Party Mode, where up to four residents can play together.

! Rescue Service[edit]

ACNH Rescue Service Icon.png

This last app is available from the start. It will bring your character in front of your home. Use it if you find yourself stuck in a place.