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Northern Hemisphere,Southern Hemisphere
Name Image Price Months Time
Seaweed ACNH Seaweed.png 600 Oct.-July All day
Sea Grapes ACNH Sea Grapes.png 900 June-Sept. All day
Sea Cucumber ACNH Sea Cucumber.png 500 Nov.-Apr. All day
Sea Pig ACNH Sea Pig.png 10,000 Nov.-Feb. 4pm-9am
Sea Star ACNH Sea Star.png 500 All year All day
Sea Urchin ACNH Sea Urchin.png 1,700 May-Sept. All day
Slate Pencil Urchin ACNH Slate Pencil Urchin.png 2,000 May-Sept. 4pm-9am
Sea Anemone ACNH Sea Anemone.png 500 All year All day
Moon Jellyfish ACNH Moon Jellyfish.png 600 July-Sept. All day
Sea Slug ACNH Sea Slug.png 600 All year All day
Pearl Oyster ACNH Pearl Oyster.png 2,800 All year All day
Mussel ACNH Mussel.png 1,500 June-Dec. All day
Oyster ACNH Oyster.png 1,100 Sept.-Feb. All day
Scallop ACNH Scallop.png 1,200 All year All day
Whelk ACNH Whelk.png 1,000 All year All day
Turban Shell ACNH Turban Shell.png 1,000 Sept.-May All day
Abalone ACNH Abalone.png 2,000 June-Jan. 4pm-9am
Gigas Giant Clam ACNH Gigas Giant Clam.png 15,000 May-Sept. All day
Chambered Nautilus ACNH Chambered Nautilus.png 1,800 Mar.-June, Sept.-Nov. 4pm-9am
Octopus ACNH Octopus.png 1,200 All year All day
Umbrella Octopus ACNH Umbrella Octopus.png 6,000 Mar.-May, Sept.-Nov. All day
Vampire Squid ACNH Vampire Squid.png 10,000 May-Aug. 4pm-9am
Firefly Squid ACNH Firefly Squid.png 1,400 Mar.-June 9pm-4am
Gazami Crab ACNH Gazami Crab.png 2,200 June-Nov. All day
Dungeness Crab ACNH Dungeness Crab.png 1,900 Nov.-May. All day
Snow Crab ACNH Snow Crab.png 6,000 Nov.-May. All day
Red King Crab ACNH Red King Crab.png 8,000 Nov.-May. All day
Acorn Barnacle ACNH Acorn Barnacle.png 600 All year All day
Spider Crab ACNH Spider Crab.png 12,000 Mar.-Apr. All day
Tiger Prawn ACNH Tiger Prawn.png 3,000 June-Sept. 4pm-9am
Sweet Shrimp ACNH Sweet Shrimp.png 1,400 Sept.-Feb. 4pm-9am
Mantis Shrimp ACNH Mantis Shrimp.png 2,500 All year 4pm-9am
Spiny Lobster ACNH Spiny Lobster.png 5,000 Oct.-Dec. 9pm-4am
Lobster ACNH Lobster.png 4,500 Apr.-June, Dec.-Jan. All day
Giant Isopod ACNH Giant Isopod.png 12,000 July-Oct. 9am-4pm, 9pm-4am
Horseshoe Crab ACNH Horseshoe Crab.png 2,500 July-Sept. 9pm-4am
Sea Pineapple ACNH Sea Pineapple.png 1,500 Apr.-Aug. All day
Spotted Garden Eel ACNH Spotted Garden Eel.png 1,100 May-Oct. 4am-9pm
Flatworm ACNH Flatworm.png 700 Aug.-Sept. 4pm-9am
Venus' Flower Basket ACNH Venus' Flower Basket.png 5,000 Oct.-Feb. All day