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Rusty Bucket Bay is a dockyard containing a single large vessel. It was visible as you were proceeding to Mad Monster Mansion, but you needed to complete that world first. This is arguably the most challenging world in the game, as it features polluted water in which when swimming in will decrease your oxygen levels twice as fast.

The entrance to Rusty Bucket Bay.

Entering the Level[edit]

  • Level Location: Up the slope in the room with Grunty's statue head, through the 450 note door and into the tunnel on the left.
  • Jiggies Required to Enter: 12
  • Jiggy Pad: Unlocking Rusty Bucket Bay is more difficult than the other worlds. First, you have to break the gate behind the entrance of Mad Monster Mansion, then you must transform into a pumpkin in Mad Monster Mansion, and exit the world. Then, you go behind the entrance of the level where you broke the gate and enter the house, transform back to banjo and break the coffin, then, activate the switch. The unlock pad is found in the same room where you unlock Mad Monster Mansion. Just above the waterline is a wooden grate. Break it with a peck and follow the tunnel. Once you reach the beehive, turn left to find another grate. Break that grate and continue in for the Jiggy Pad.


Rusty Bucket Snacker's Pool Toxic Waste Pool
Banjo-Kazooie Rusty Bucket Bay Rusty Bucket.jpg
  • Straight ahead of the entrance
  • Bottom left most of the map from the entrance
  • Top left most of the map from the entrance
Captain's Quarters Warehouse
  • Under the bridge of the ship, near the front side of the ship
  • Between the entrance and Snacker's Pool

Jiggies and Jinjos[edit]

Banjo-Kazooie Rusty Bucket Bay Jiggies and Jinjos.png

1. Smokestack[edit]


  • Moves Required: None
  • Description: Climb to the top of the boat using the ladders on the smokestacks. The Jiggy is located on the front smokestack.

2. Whistles[edit]


  • Moves Required: Beak Buster
  • Description: On the side of the ship, you may see the code "312-111". Enter this into the whistle switches on the front of the ship.

3. Captain's quarters[edit]


  • Moves Required: None
  • Description: Break a porthole (it is hidden into the wall scheme of the ship; the porthole is on the far side away from the front of the ship and it sticks out a little) in the fore starboard, and enter. The jiggy is in the closet, and is reached by breaking the door open.

4. Front Left Warehouse[edit]


  • Moves Required: Beak Buster
  • Description: This Jiggy is located in the warehouse left of the start area. After placing two eggs into the toll booth, cross the bridge climb on the first warehouse. Use beak buster to smash the window open. The jiggy is in plain sight on a crate to your left. To exit, jump into the water and swim outside through the open door.

5. Engine Room[edit]


  • Moves Required: Beak Buster
  • Description: First, enter the stern starboard pipe, and press the switch on the ground. This will slow down some fans within the engine room. Next, break a door located on one of the smokestacks and enter. Climb down, and go to the far end of the engine room. The Jiggy is located at the far back.

6. Engines[edit]


  • Moves Required: Beak Buster
  • Description: In the engine room, press both of the side fan switches. This cuts power to the engines for 65 seconds. You then must escape the engine room, climb up the ladder, run to the back of the ship and dive into the water and collect the Jiggy from behind the spinning propellers before time is up. It is the hardest Jiggy in the game, and may take numerous attempts.

7. Crane[edit]


  • Moves Required: None
  • Description: The crane is at the back, next to the toxic pit. When you press the up arrow, you have 16 seconds to collect the Jiggy. Climb the ladder to the right, run across the crane, and get onto the boat. Run under the lowering cage to claim the prize.

8. Boss Boom Box[edit]


  • Moves Required: None
  • Description: Climb onto the TNT box, and climb to the top of the crane. Reach the controls for the crane, and lower the crate. Enter the ship from the newly created hole to reach the Boss Boom Box. Even though there are plenty of eggs, it is more efficient to use melee attacks, such as Rat-a-tat Rap. As the boss takes damage, it will split into two smaller boxes, until they become regular sized. A total of 15 boxes need to be destroyed. Hit the Boss Boom Box with a blue egg before it collects the Jiggy, and it may forget to pick it up. This allows you to skip the battle.

9. Snorkel[edit]


  • Moves Required: Beak Buster
  • Description: Snorkel is trapped under an anchor. To rescue snorkel and get his jiggy, swim up the chain into the ship, and press the anchor switch. A Jiggy will be dropped in the water when Snorkel leaves.

10. Jinjos[edit]


  • Moves Required: None
  • Description: Collect all 5 Jinjos
    • Blue Jinjo: Go to the three blue big containers outside the ship. Go on to the middle one and go in through the roof. The jinjo is below the hole you came in behind some boxes.
    • Green Jinjo: Jump to the far side on the toxic barrels.
    • Orange Jinjo: Climb up the big stack of crates and jump on the TNT box. Climb the rope and climb down the ladder. Go right and fire eight eggs in the hole and follow the path until you get the jinjo.
    • Purple Jinjo: At the start, turn right and go over the building past the dynamite box and jump in the water. Swim down and through a hole in the wall.
    • Yellow Jinjo: Go to the area with the shark and jump into the corner and on to the buoy.

Witch Switch[edit]

250px 250px

From the TNT crate held by the crane, climb to the top. Jump from the crane directly to the Gruntilda pad.


Banjo-Kazooie Rusty Bucket Bay Notes.png

  • 4 - in the front left warehouse, after crossing across crates.
  • 5 - on bridge leading to the ship
  • 5 - on the top of the fence where the shark guards the yellow Jinjo.
  • 3 - in poison pit
  • 3 - near crane controls
  • 2 - next to horns
  • 12 - on bridges between the two center vents
  • 6 - on the stern
  • 4 - inside stern starboard pipe
  • 5 - in center port vent
  • 5 - in fore starboard vent
  • 8 - in the left blue crate
  • 4 - in right blue crate
  • 4 - right of the entrance
  • 12 - in engine room
  • 3 - at TNT crane controls
  • 4 - in anchor room
  • 3 - in the front cabin - break a porthole in the fore starboard.
  • 4 - in middle cabin - break a porthole on the starboard.
  • 4 - in control room - break a porthole on the fore port.

Points of Interest[edit]

Banjo-Kazooie Rusty Bucket Bay POI.png

Mumbo Tokens[edit]

  1. In the poison pit
  2. On the steam vent
  3. On the deck overlooking the boat's stern
  4. In the stern lifeboat
  5. In the center port vent
  6. In the fore starbord vent, in the red-hot oven
  7. At the bow of the ship
  8. In the left blue crate
  9. In the center blue crate
  10. In the control room
  11. In the engine room (1 of 3)
  12. In the engine room (2 of 3)
  13. In the engine room (3 of 3)

Empty honeycombs[edit]

  1. In the smoke stack, perform a flap-flip into the hexagon-shaped area just above the doorway to the engine room.
  2. In the left-most warehouse (near the yellow jinjo and shark), swim into the cracked hole at the bottom. At the far end of this warehouse is a floor-button that reveals the empty honeycomb. Use the flight pad to reach the honeycomb.

Extra Lives[edit]

  1. Destroy all of the Boom Boxes in the rightmost teal storage container
  2. Go in the Engine Room and go by the window (the one by the room with the switch)
  3. Inside the storage hut between the entrance pad and Snacker's pool (top shelf).

Cheato's Spell[edit]

  • In the room with water and a mine enemy, find the switch to rise the water at maximum level. You will be given 30 seconds, else the water will sink to its previous level. Swim to the Rusty Bucket Bay entrance area and swim to the hole in the wall on the top within the time limit. Run up the stairs and you'll find Cheato. Speak with him and he'll give you a "GOLDFEATHERS" spell.

Stop'n'Swop Red Egg[edit]

This item can only be obtained after getting 100 Jiggys and putting the following code into the sandcastle floor in Treasure Trove Cove:


If you have defeated Grunty in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, this item can be obtained without the use of the code.

  • This egg can be found on the bed in the captains cabin of the ship.