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Brøderbund Software
Founder(s)Doug and Gary Carlston

Brøderbund Software, Inc. was an American maker of computer games, educational software and The Print Shop productivity tools. It was best known as the original creator and publisher of the popular Carmen Sandiego games. The company was founded in Eugene, Oregon, but moved to San Rafael, California, and later to Novato, California. Brøderbund was purchased by The Learning Company in 1998. Many of its popular software titles, such as The Print Shop, PrintMaster and Mavis Beacon, are still published under the name "Broderbund" by Riverdeep Interactive Learning.

Currently, all of Brøderbund's games, such as the Myst series, are published by Ubisoft. As of 2008 Encore, Inc. has gained the rights to publish many of the software that had been made by Brøderbund Software.