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Ridge Racer
The logo for Ridge Racer.
Year introduced1993

Ridge Racer is a series of seventeen racing games, that were released by Namco between 1993 and 2012; the first three (and ninth) titles were arcade games, while: the fourth to sixth titles were PlayStation ones, the seventh title was a PlayStation 2 one, the eighth title was a Nintendo 64 one, the tenth was a Nintendo DS one, the eleventh and thirteenth titles were PlayStation Portable ones, the twelfth title was an Xbox 360 one, the fourteenth title was a PlayStation 3 one, the fifteenth title was a Nintendo 3DS one, the sixteenth title was a PlayStation Vita one and the seventeenth title was an Xbox360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows one. It has also tied with Ace Combat for the title of Namco's second-longest-running game series, after Pac-Man.

The series was set in the fictional "Ridge City", and although tracks were always added for new games, the original Ridge Racer track always remained; the courses were also varied, and somewhat realistic. The tracks went through different, colorful terrain, often with simulated city life and vegetation, but players didn't have to contend with any non-race traffic on the course itself - and although its style attempted an approximation of what a real-life course would be, the tracks often had grades and turns which would not be found in an actual city (which added on a bit of heightened realism and excitement).

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