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Below is a list of common enemies divided by the worlds that they first appear in. For information on bosses, see the respective stage's page.

Money Bin[edit]

Beagle Boys
DT Remastered enemy Beagle Boy.png

The Beagle Boys are frequent enemies of Scrooge's, having attempted to steal his fortune on more than one occasion in the past. Naturally, they are the first enemies that Scrooge encounters, having broken into his Money Bin in droves. However, despite their impressive numbers, they are the simplest enemy in the game. They simply walk a short distance back and forth, incapable of jumping over obstacles or attacking in any way. Pogo atop them to defeat them, but be wary of low ceilings that make this impossible. Wait for them to walk where Scrooge has ample space to pogo to defeat them.

The Amazon[edit]

Gorilla Bee
DT Remastered enemy Gorilla.png

These simian enemies are encountered after taking a few steps in the Amazon, trekking across the screen from either side and jumping over any obstacles that get in their way. The exception is pitfalls, as they tend to walk right off of ledges. While the gorilla does not attack in any way, as with all enemies, making contact with it does damage to Scrooge. Add to that its decent walking speed and considerable height, and Scrooge should be prepared to pogo whenever one appears onscreen.

DT Remastered enemy Bee.png

The bee will fly across the screen shortly after encountering the gorilla. It will float up and down as it flies from the left or the right, making it a little more difficult of a target to hit than the gorilla. It is also capable of crossing over spikes and pitfalls, but can be dodged easily by simply walking under it. An issue can arise if the gorilla and bee cross paths, in which case Scrooge should pogo one before the other can come along.

Snake Plant
DT Remastered enemy Snake.png

The snake is one of the less threatening enemies of the Amazon, as they will always remain in a stationary position. Like all enemies, they do damage to Scrooge if he comes into contact with them. The only action they are capable of is uncoiling to raise their heads high, making it slightly more difficult for Scrooge to pogo them. When in a tight space, wait for them to recoil to pogo them out of the way. Otherwise, with enough height, it is still entirely possible to pogo them on their uncoiled heads, ridding yourself of them fairly easily.

DT Remastered enemy Plant.png

The plant acts as a major nuisance wherever it appears, as it cannot actually be defeated; if Scrooge attempts to pogo on it, the plant will open its mouth and bite him, causing him to take damage. A considerable amount of height is required to avoid these man-eating plants, especially when they're found in groups, though like other enemies, they can be defeated when hit with rocks or other pushables/throwables. You can use other enemies (such as the bee) to get enough height to cross over the plants if in doubt, or pogo over while as close to the plant as possible without taking damage.

Spider Native
DT Remastered enemy Spider.png

The spider is encountered often in the second half of the Amazon, though they can be seen before then when traversing the underground area of the first half. Spiders hang from the ceiling and drop down when Scrooge comes close, making them quite the tricky enemy to defeat even after becoming adjusted to their attack pattern. You can choose to either avoid them or defeat them, depending on which is safer for Scrooge; a half-pogo (canceling the pogo mid-jump so that Scrooge does not jump high enough to collide with it) as it rises is the only way to accomplish the former while underground, as spikes cover the ground where they drop. When on solid ground, they can be avoided by waiting for them to drop, then passing under them as they rise. As for defeating them, pogo as soon as they drop. This is easier said than done, as spiders act quickly, but is necessary in some locations.

DT Remastered enemy Native.png

The natives can only be found in the second half of the Amazon, throwing spears at Scrooge in order to protect the ancient treasure. These are far and away the trickiest enemies in the Amazon, as they not only walk relatively quickly and jump over obstacles, the spears that they throw must be dodged in addition to dodging them. Depending on their position when they attack, the spear can be ducked, but more often than not, Scrooge must jump over it. He can also pogo over it, after which he can pogo the native. The many obstacles throughout the stage, as well as additional enemies, make dealing with the natives more of a hassle than it should be, so try to isolate them if you can.


Skeleton Mummy
DT Remastered enemy Skeleton.png

The skeleton is similar to Dry Bones of the Mario series, falling apart and reforming upon bumping into walls or obstacles. In this state, they are harmless until they reform again, so you can simply wait to pass them until they bump into a wall and fall apart, though make sure you escape their range until they reform. However, if Scrooge pogos them, they will not reform until Scrooge leaves the screen, instead leaving behind only their skull. Scrooge can swing at the skull, which can then be used to open hidden chests in certain areas.

DT Remastered enemy Mummy.png

The mummy can be found when Scrooge ascends the haunted manor, usually in groups. Simply enough, Scrooge can defeat them with a pogo, but in tight spaces, this is impossible. In that case, look for the ball and chain on the ground near them. When the mummy isn't obscuring the ball, Scrooge can swing at it with his cane, causing the mummy to take a hit and unravel. The mummy will either take a step back or forward, a process which is completely random even if Scrooge is in their sight; be patient and wait for it to step away from the ball before taking a swing.

DT Remastered enemy Ghost.png

Ghosts, like the plants of the Amazon, are enemies that must simply be avoided; Scrooge cannot pogo them, and attempting to do so will only do damage to him. Though they float in a manner similar to the bees from the Amazon, up and down across the screen, they have the additional dangerous ability to move across the entire top and bottom of the screen, targeting Scrooge wherever he may be. To combat this, try to either pogo as high as you can or stay low to the ground. If you pogo high, the ghost will drop into the screen from a high point, allowing Scrooge to walk under it and avoid it completely. If you stay low, the ghost will do the same, allowing you to pogo over it. This becomes trickier in areas where space is limited, in which case you can only wait and see until the ghost is close enough to Scrooge whether he can duck under or jump over it.

African Mines[edit]

Cave Slug Plant
DT Remastered enemy Slug.png

These slugs are the simplest enemies in the Mines, simply inching back and forth across the ground. Scrooge can easily pogo them, though they can be difficult targets due to their size, causing them to potentially deal unexpected damage. Dodge them if you feel being precise is too difficult, as they don't present much of a threat otherwise.

DT Remastered enemy Plant Mines.png

A recolor of the plant from the Amazon. This plant has all the same behaviors as its Amazonian counterpart, chomping at Scrooge without any means for him to attack back, though there are more opportunities here to actually defeat the plants, albeit indirectly. This comes in the form of rolling boulders that chase Scrooge and small rocks or even oil drums that Scrooge can swing at.

Big Bat Merduck
DT Remastered enemy Bat.png

These bats hang from the ceiling, appearing nonthreatening in sleep until Scrooge comes near. Once he does, they swoop down toward him, flying erratically in an attempt to deal damage to him before finally dropping to the ground in a daze. The best way to deal with them is to stand below them, waiting for them to drop. When they do, move aside and it will drop to the ground, dizzy and unable to fight back. Pogo it so that it doesn't continue to pursue Scrooge as long as he remains on the same screen.

DT Remastered enemy Merduck.png

The merduck is an underwater enemy that leaps out of the water when Scrooge approaches. These enemies are actually more of an aid than a hindrance, as they allow Scrooge to pogo across long bodies of water. Make sure to aim your jumps where you see bubbles in the water, as those bubbles signal the presence of a merduck. As long as you continue to pogo right above these bubbles, the merducks should all hop out in time to save Scrooge from drowning in the water. As with all enemies, they respawn once Scrooge leaves the screen, allowing him to use them to traverse back and forth across the water.

The Himalayas[edit]

Snow Bunny Mountain Goat
DT Remastered enemy Bunny.png

The snow bunny is the first enemy encountered in the Himalayas, acting as an example of how the snow can hinder Scrooge. These bunnies burrow into the ground before jumping up high, making it difficult for Scrooge to pogo them if he doesn't have the necessary height. Still, this is the easiest time to strike, as it is the only moment in which they are stationary. While they can still be attacked while burrowing, they are a moving target, and missing causes Scrooge to be buried in the snow himself, stunning him for a while. Rather than pursuing them, stay in one place until the bunny approaches, then pogo in a timely manner. They can also be avoided completely by jumping over them while they burrow.

DT Remastered enemy Goat.png

The mountain goats move across the screen with great speed, leaping high over any obstacles in their way. These high leaps make them impossible to defeat them with a pogo if Scrooge does not have anything to pogo on himself (and he often won't, as Scrooge will only encounter the goats when surrounded by snow). This height can be achieved by first doing a pogo on a bunny or a chest, but if neither are in sight, then the safest option is to walk under the goat as it leaps. The goat leaps so high that this is entirely possible even if the goat doesn't leap from a position higher than Scrooge's, making this the easiest choice in dealing with them.

Hockey Duck Spider
DT Remastered enemy Hockey Duck.png

These hockey players found in the underground section of the Himalayas attack by swinging at blocks of ice with their hockey sticks. These blocks of ice then slide toward Scrooge, though they can be easily avoided by simply stepping off of the ice. When they run out of blocks of ice to attack with, these enemies will only swing their hockey sticks in vain, allowing Scrooge to defeat them with a simple pogo.

DT Remastered enemy Spider Himalayas.png

A recolor of the spider from the Amazon, these spiders act no different, dropping down from the ceiling when Scrooge comes close. Here, the spiders act more as stepping stones to keep Scrooge from falling into pits. Simply pogo toward them, ensuring that Scrooge has enough height when he reaches them, and continue to pogo after they drop down to pass over these deathly gaps successfully.

The Moon[edit]

Space Octopus Space Boxer
DT Remastered enemy Space Octopus.png

These enemies float slowly up and down or left and right, and can be defeated with a simple pogo. Their slow and predictable movements make them an easy enemy to deal with, though they can become trouble in groups; watch for a moment in which their movements don't overlap before striking. Like the merduck, the space octopus also becomes useful when crossing great gaps in outer space, acting as stepping stones for Scrooge toward an item he needs to collect to proceed.

DT Remastered enemy Space Boxer.png

The space boxer moves much quicker than the space octopus, flying across the screen with the aid of a jetpack and only landing to punch any intruders (though more often than not, it will end up punching air). Wait for them to land and hit them with a pogo; these enemies should provide no threat unless Scrooge collides with them, as they have no range and travel only in the short bursts necessary to follow Scrooge.

Pink Alien
DT Remastered enemy Pink Alien.png

Another simple enemy found in space. Though it may seem intimidating due to its size and great speed when walking back and forth, the pink alien cannot travel very far, and can also be defeated easily with a simple pogo. It will usually be trapped between a pair of barriers of some kind, whether they be walls or pitfalls, so the only trouble that can arise would be timing a pogo, as Scrooge can be hurt easily if he lands next to it. However, its large size does not make it a difficult target to hit, so as long as you pogo from higher ground, this enemy should be no problem to deal with.