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Notable Areas
  1. The First Floor
  2. The Second Floor
Notable Characters
  1. Lots of Golden Geckos
  2. Smiley the Trapper
  1. Kill the Golden Geckos.
  2. Find Smiley, the trapper.
Quest Experience/Reward Table
  • Kill all Geckos in Toxic Caves: 1655 xp


Once in the Toxic Caves, kill all of the geckos that you see using your spear and/or the Pipe Rifle. In the first level, there is a room which contains some boots, stimpacks, and some RadX which is to the south. Go there and get everything, and then go to the second level. In the second level, there are a lot of golden geckos. Use the pipe rifle and the spear to finish them. Smiley is in the easternmost part of the second level of the caves. Talk to him and tell him that Ardin is waiting for you. He will be a temporary NPC in your party. Also, there is a locker in the second floor, next to the elevator, which contains some RadAway's. Save the game after you've found Smiley, and then steal 10 golden gecko pelts from him. Save after you have gotten them successfully. Leave the caves for Klamath.

The elevator can only be opened with some Electronic Lock Picks, and you also need to repair the generator that powers the elevator. There is a Mark II Combat Armor there as well as some powerful weapons and some 2mm gauss ammo in the basement.