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A list of abbreviations and just some stuff that needs to be noted is included in this section.

  • xp: Experience (general)
  • kxp: Experience from kills
  • NCR: New California Republic
  • BOS: Brotherhood of Steel; technocrats from Fallout 1

This is the route that is used in this walkthrough:

  1. Arroyo
  2. San Francisco / Navarro block (used to get Power Armor) [1]
  3. Klamath
  4. The Den
  5. Modoc / Ghost Farm / The Den
  6. Vault City / Gecko
  7. Den (get the car) [1]
  8. San Francisco / Navarro (now get the PPower Armor if you haven't done so)
  9. Redding
  10. Broken Hills
  11. New Reno / Sierra Army Depot
  12. Broken Hills (again)
  13. Raiders / Vault City
  14. New California Republic / Vault 15
  15. Vault City (again)
  16. Vault 13
  17. Military Base [1]
  18. Navarro / San Francisco

This walkthrough will include (very early on) information to get the Power Armor. It won't assume that you have it until you've reached Vault City (however, you can still complete all of the things mentioned, although it is a lot harder), but after you've got the car (after that section is covered), the walkthrough WILL ASSUME that you have it.

The car is mainly a convenience issue - it speeds up overland travel. Since there's no real time limit for completing the game, it is not required.

The military base is just included so that your character can gain experience.

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