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Rescue Bryson from Medical Wing[edit]

Bryson is going to die unless you get to him soon, so get going. Start by floating down in the gap and going through the crack. Gigi tells you there is something else in the compound and it’s bad. There are two lamps in this room- one in front of where you came in, and another up and to the right of where you came in. Scare the bats with the first one, then get into the second one and scare them again. Possess one and fly up, following the wire until you get to a place with a guy on a platform above the first flight of steps. Swoop down and hit him and he will go down the stairs. Hit him again and he will run over to a manhole. Possess the manhole cover and scare him, then possess him. Take up through the door at the top of the room. Talk to the guy looking through hole and he’ll leave. Slip through it as a ghost and you’ll find yourself in a women's locker room. After exploring possess the shower head of the blond girl and scare her. Next possess three shower heads by the towel girl (Anna) and scare her out of the room. Next possess the mirror, and scare her again to make her possessable. Possess her and go to the farthest row of lockers (across from the blond girl) from the mirrors and looks in the lockers that are open until you find Samus’ visor. I thought that was cool, that’s all.

Go out of the locker room and go out the door to your right to get back to the room where you went in the showers from in the first place. Get some clothes from the rack to the right of the door, then go back into the hallway. The guy who was in the way is gone, so go into the door first on the left after the locker room hallway. It’s in an area with two other doors that are barred off and have blood under them. You should be in a large room with a door to the morgue on the right wall. Pass that and go to a door that needs a security code to pass. Slip through the crack and possess the clearance panel and make it malfunction. The guard will come over and put in the code, but you need to read it backwards. Slip back out and put in the code (0426) to open the door. Go into the first door on the left past the yellow barrier (second door on the left past the code door) and watch the cut scene. Grab the fire extinguisher on the wall (to the left of the door to Bryson) and put out the fire outside the door. If the fire extinguisher doesn’t work, restart the level (it is a small, but slightly annoying glitch). Go out and to the left, into the ICU.

Leave Anna by the guy standing in a doorway and go into the psycho ward. Possess one of the monitors by a patient and press A repeatedly to make warnings go off. They will go off when all four boxes at the bottom of the screen turn into one solid color. Alternatively, you can possess the guy behind the window and make him pound on the glass. Either way the man in the doorway will get out of the way. Possess Anna and go in the room the man was blocking. Open a cabinet near the middle of the wall to get the Refrigerator key card. Get out of that room and go back through the door you needed to get the code for. Anna will put it in automatically when you go to put it in and the door will open. Go into the morgue. Put out the fire at the bottom of the stairs and kill the purple creatures with your handy dandy fire extinguisher. Once they are all dead, open the freezer door and get the serum for Bryson. Take it back to him (second door on the left after the code door, then through two doors to get into the surgery room- watch out for the purple creatures in the hallway leading up to it) and give him the serum.

This next part is an escort mission for Bryson. Don’t worry about him, as long as you don’t hit him with a grenade or something he should be fine. He follows you, but you usually can’t tell when he is because he’s pretty quiet. Since you are now a lighter haired Lara Croft, shoot the two guys who run into the surgery room, run up to the door out of it and shoot the guy who is about to run in. keep taking out the baddies (including purple things) until you get to a barrier blocking a door. Grenade it and keep moving. Be careful about grenades in the next room, Bryson sticks close to you and doesn’t have a lot of health. Duck behind ridges and pillars to keep taking the enemies out. There is someone on top of a pillar (way up there) so be careful of him, too. Once the room is clear, take the elevator up and get ready for a boss.

Boss: Creature[edit]

Strafe. It’s basically the same as the first boss in the way you hurt him, but a lot harder to dodge his attacks. He fires the same energy orbs, but once in a while he’ll fire waves of four or five of them at a time. His arms block his head, which you need to shoot, so wait until he moves his arms out of the way and fire. His single blast attacks are easy to dodge, but you will more than likely get hurt by the waves (and they can do a lot of damage). I’ve managed to not get hurt before, but you have to keep your aim on his head (good time to shoot him) and strafe quickly. After you take away a bit of his health he will roll up into a ball. Go to the blue side of him and throw grenades in the hole when it opens (get used to the rhythm and throw a little bit before it moves its claws). Repeat the first part (the waves will be a little longer) and when he rolls up into a ball watch out. He starts rolling around the circle you are in, so get out of the way. It takes him a few times around to change where he is in the circle, so get in either the outermost part of the circle or inner depending on where he starts. Don’t waste your bullets on him in this stage. Once he stops and gets back in the middle do the same as before to hurt him (watch out for laser eyes (easy to dodge), and the waves are even longer). He might do another time of rolling up and you need to throw a grenade in the hole. After a while he’ll roll up into a ball and roll around again, but he’ll stop and open the hole for you to throw grenades in after you shoot him enough. You need to shoot him while he’s rolling around, just be careful about how close he gets to you. When he has no health left he’ll spit out Bryson and slink away.