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You are John Raimi, a specialist and biological and chemical threats. You are often hired by governments, universities and corporations to help deal with the most dangerous biological and chemical agents. You are called to help infiltrate the Volks Corporation, as they are suspected of creating a new virus.

Dropped in by Helicopter, your first stop is Lab 07 of the Volks compound in Southern France.

Retrieve Viral Data[edit]

After the initial cut scene, you'll be asked a question, press A button to scroll through the menu. Go through the tutorial, by following the onscreen commands (to get through quickly, just press A button five times, followed by Left dpad, B button, A button, Up dpad, B button and A button).

After you check your objectives, the team will move forward into the lab. The soldiers will burst in and take control of the lab, and hand Bryson a weapon. Read the dialog between you and Bryson or press A button four times, followed by Right dpad to check your inventory to examine your PDA. Press A button twice to get through Juliao's dialogue, then experiment a little and get used to the controls. Get the following text logs before walking down the stairs (note that you can skip these if you don't care about getting 100% in completeness, you will not receive a reward for collecting any or all of them; also note that text log numbers are numbered by level number, then by the number given to it by the game):

Text Logs
  • #1-1: "Computer Workstation" - In the main hall where you begin, examine the computers on the south edge.
  • #1-3: "Mysterious Ooze" - Examine the plasma like tube on the north side of the main hall where you begin (the only examinable tube).
  • #1-5: "Large Fan" - Look up at the ceiling fan, while standing below it, and examine.
  • #1-6: "Strange Dead Creature" - Climb the stairs on the north side of the room and examine the clear box.
  • #1-7: "Severed Tentacle" - Climb the stairs on the south side of the main hall and examine it on the table.

Head down the stairs and walk up to the microscope straight ahead; press A button when you see an icon. Flip through the slides with A button and head back up the stairs.

Escape to CR-2 Extraction Point[edit]

Follow the soldiers and when you get to a room with long glass windows, press L button to crouch. Use Y button or R button to pull out your gun, and Y button to reload. Hold Y button to put your gun away. Walk under the window and take out the enemies. There is one in the corner of the room by the door you came through, be careful not to get hit by him.

Text Logs
  • #1-2: On any of the desks/tables in this room (with lamps, clipboards and plastic tubs on them), the "T" shaped one, or the "X" shaped one near the door that gets blasted open.

Take out the next two guys in the same room, then run into the next when the door is opened (after a short cut scene). The next room has more enemies, but it's easy. Before you go in, get some health from the wall if you need it (go up to it and press A button when the + sign shows up). To take care of the enemies in this room, get behind some pipes and crouch. Shoot them when they are too close, and when they are standing by explosive crates (the boxes with yellow and black stripe, shot those to make them blow up. Clear out the next room, then talk to the man closest to the door to gain access to the next room. Get some health, but don't grab either of the two near the entrance to where the soldiers are standing (unless you're close to death). As you enter, you'll reach the end of the stage. Watch the cut scene and prepare for battle.

Boss: Creature[edit]

This is pretty easy, strafe back and forth and shoot at its mouth when it is wide open. Whenever it's not screaming at you it will either be protecting itself or it will be shooting orbs of energy at you. Dodge them, keep strafing, and keep shooting its mouth. After 15 shots it will retreat into the ceiling, ending the fight and enabling you to pass. Even if you do die, you just reached a check point so don't worry. The damage from the orbs are minimal, but don't go anywhere close to its claws or it will take your health down in just a few swipes. You can't slip by underneath, you'll have to duke it out to the end. An easy way to fight it is to put your crosshairs on its mouth, make sure you can hit it, then just strafe back and forth without ever adjusting your aim. Even though you'll be strafing, you will automatically turn slightly to be always facing it (easy huh?); just pull the trigger when need be.

Text Logs
  • #1-4: "Mysterious Ooze" - Examine the glowing ooze in the hole in the floor; you'll have to go to one side of the bridge or another, it's difficult to examine this one while standing on the bridge itself.
  • #1-8: "Dangerous Hole" - Examine the massive hole in the ceiling that the boss retreated into.

Walk across the bridge and head through the door. Great job! Now all you have to do is climb up to the helicopter and get home to the wife and kids. Boy, you're going to sleep like a baby tonight.

Oh, wait.... You're dead.