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Upon activating the first cheat you find, on the menu where you select single- or multi-player mode, there will be a new option. "Cheat Menu", at the bottom of the screen. Click on it to bring up a list of all the cheat codes you have discovered. Click on the name of the cheat to toggle it on and off.

On single-player mode, if you have a cheat activated, you can only play levels that you have beaten, and on the difficulty level(s) that you beat them on. For example, let's say you've beaten Dam on Agent and Secret Agent. When you have a cheat activated, you may play Dam on Agent and Secret Agent ONLY. If you want to use that cheat to help you beat it on 00 Agent level, tough.

Some cheats only work in multi-player mode (like the "Turn off radar" cheat), and some only work in single player mode (like the "Enemy rockets" cheat [which really isn't a cheat, but I'll get into that later]). If you use a multi-player cheat in single player mode or vice-versa, it won't really make a difference, aside from the fact that you're still unable to play an unbeaten level with it activated for some reason. Probably a bug.

Time cheats[edit]

These are cheats that are activated by beating the game on certain difficulty levels in a certain amount of time. Once you beat a level within the allotted time (listed as the "Target time" on the screen where it tells you your accuracy in the mission, what objectives you accomplished, etcetera), the cheat will be added to your cheat menu. You'll know you've acquired the cheat when A) Your completed time in the mission is lower than the Target time, B) The words "NEW CHEAT ACTIVATED!" show up in capital red letters next to your time, and C) You hear a loud cymbal-like sound. Not very obvious, is it? ;)


Level Time Name Effect
Runway 5:00 DK Mode Warps body proportions of characters
Silo 3:00 Turbo Mode Speeds you up immensely
Bunker 1:20 2X Throwing Kni. Always have dual throwing knives
Streets 1:45 Enemy Rockets All enemies are armed with rockets
Jungle 3:45 2X Hunting Kni. Always have dual hunting knives
Cradle 2:15 Gold PP7† Always have a gold (and powerful) PP7

† This gun is not the actual Golden Gun that you find in multiplayer mode. The cheat to get that gun is beating Egypt in any time.

Secret Agent[edit]

Level Time Name Effect
Dam 2:40 Paintball Mode Bulletholes are very colorful
Surface 3:30 2X Grenade Lnchrs. Always have dual grenade launchers
Frigate 4:30 No Radar No radar in multiplayer mode
Statue 3:15 Fast Animation Speeds up friends and foes
Depot 1:40 Slow Animation Enemies move in slow motion
Control 10:00 Infinite ammo Never run out of ammo
Aztec 9:00 2X Lasers Always have dual Moonraker lasers

† The first one, not the one at dusk.

00 Agent[edit]

Level Time Name Effect
Facility 2:05 Invincibility Immune to all forms of damage (bullets, explosions, etc.)
Bunker 4:00 2X Rocket Lnchrs. Always have dual rocket launchers
Surface 4:15 Tiny Bond Your POV & enemies' aim very low
Archives 1:20 Bond Invisible Turns Bond invisible to everyone but the spring guns, including Natalya
Train 5:30 Silver PP7 Always have a silver PP7
Caverns 9:30 2X RC-P90s (You get the idea.)
Egyptian 6:00 All Guns Use of all previous guns and the special "Taser Boy" weapon.

† The first one, not the one where you have to break out of the jail cell.

Level completion cheats[edit]

Level Gun Acquired
Cradle Cougar Magnum
Aztec Laser
Egyptian Golden Gun