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General strategies[edit]

  • You'll find Boris shortly after you go through the place with the remote mines in it. If you stick around long enough, he'll pull a gun on you. DO NOT SHOOT HIM. Not only will Natalya get really PO'ed at you and refuse to do anything, but it's not necessary -- he drops the gun anyway and you can pick it up. Optimally, you should let him draw it and drop it so you can get the ammo in it, then just leave. He'll run off.
  • At the very top floor after going up the stairs, go right and keep going until you go through the grate to find some body armor.
  • In the same place is where that infinite stream of guys comes from after you've protected Natalya. You can just go the staircase and blow guys away, taking their ammo until you've got as much as you can hold.
  • While protecting Natalya, The guys jump out from two windows at the bottom.
  • After finding Boris, the door after the blast door, you'll find 2 Gatling turrets, and 4 guy's with D5Ks. First, get out of range of the turrets. Then shoot the 4 guys. Then you'll probaly have to open the door up agian, Then out of range, Shoot the damn turrets. Then after passing the metal crates, theres a guy on the Right with a D5K. Shoot him and then thats all the guys you got to shoot.

Mission Objectives[edit]

Protect Natalya[edit]

Difficulty level
Gadgets used
Objectives req'd
Disable satellite