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To begin with follow the long cave path until you reach a ladder. The weird fan things serve as one-way paths; you'll soon realise that the statue is almost entirely mechanical. Past the rotating fans, climb up the ladder.

You're now in the main section of the Great Gabomba. Head around the wall and down to the chest to fight a Mimic. You get a Hard Nut for beating it. Now, go down the next path to your right, and follow it around to a chest containing a Bone Armlet. Now, go back around and climb up the ladder. In here, go around the left of the room until you reach a Lash rope. Wait for the cog to turn so the pole is nearest you, and use Lash to stop the cog from turning. You can now go past the fans that were stopping you earlier. Climb up the ladder in the top-right. Head all the way around the outside of this room to the ladder at the top.

The next floor is full of cogs; head around the outside of this room again. The ladder here doesn't lead anywhere for the mean time, so just carry on north. When you can, take the left path and navigate your way to the ladder down. Go around to the left on the floor below to the next ladder, and go down this one too. On the next floor below, take the left hand channel and follow the path to a colour-changing cog flanked by two Pound pillars. Pound the one on this side in, then return to the cog-filled room.

Remember the rat that jumped across the tops of the cogs earlier? You'll need to take the same path this time. Hop across them to the right side of this floor, and go down the ladder. Go down the ladder on the next floor. The left leads to a chest with an Elixir, so grab it and then go right. Follow the path to get to the other pound pillar next to the colour-changing cog. Pound the other pillar in, and it'll change direction. Now, all of the cogs in the statue have reversed too, and now you can get the Venus Djinni you missed earlier. Climb back up to the cog-filled room again.

Steel, the Venus Djinni[edit]

There are two big pink cogs on the edge of the platform in the center of this floor. Get on the left hand one and let it take you off the edge of the platform and down a floor. Save, then approach the Venus Djinni, Steel. Defeat it and it'll join you. Make sure it's on Felix, then give Felix's Mercury Djinni to Piers. Use Lash to get back to the ladder at the top. Go back down to the ladder at the bottom of this room, and up on the next floor you can go past the fans which were stopping you earlier. Climb up the ladder in the top left, then go around this next room to the right, and climb this ladder.

When you go up to the next floor, you'll get another cutscene with Akafubu. He's still trying to get the Great Gabomba to accept the jewel, and he's failing. But now you see why - the circuit on the floor is broken. After persuading Piers why helping him is a good idea, go up to the pound pillar at the top. You might want to set Pound to a shortcut to speed things up. Pound the pillar, then use the pads to rotate the floating blocks. You need to align the tracks so that one red and one blue spark reaches the Gabomba head in the middle.

Pound in the sections of track once they're correctly aligned, and eventually Akafubu will speak up again. If you did it right, the whole thing will work, and the Great Gabomba will allow Akafubu to enter. After the scene, Jenna will take Akafubu up to the circuit room, and explain what happened. Follow the path behind the statue when you can, and you'll reach the a dead end where a lone Gabomba statuette lies. Akafubu won't know what to do, so try and grab the black orb resting on the statuette.

The black orb will float up, and the Great Gabomba itself will speak. After Akafubu gets his new apparel, and leaves behind a magic book (which you'll be able to obtain later), you'll grab the black orb and relay the GG's message to Akafubu. You can't do anything down the path here though, so don't bother returning here until you've got Cyclone.

Kibombo Mountains Revisited[edit]

Use the Inn and Sanctum if necessary, and buy any equipment you might want. Now, leave Kibombo and go back to Kibombo Mountains. Now that Piers is here, you can get that Jupiter Djinni. From this side of Kibombo Mountains, head across the river and up all the flights of stairs except the last one. Go south here and use Piers' Frost on the puddle to freeze it into a pillar. Now, head up those last stairs and use the pillar to jump across.

Switch one of Felix's Venus Djinn for one of Jenna's Mars Djinn to teach them both Growth. You'll need to use this Psynergy on the green plant here to form a vine you can climb up. Defeat Waft in battle, and it'll join you. Go back down the vine and climb up the ones to the right. Leave the area to the south, and in the next area slide down the groove. You can now find your way back to down to the initial entrance of Kibombo Mountains, and from there, back to Gondowan Cliffs.

Gondowan Cliffs Revisited[edit]

Make your way back across Gondowan Cliffs, right back to the start. Just north of the geyser is a puddle which you should freeze with Frost. Once you have, climb up the vines to the right, and jump across. Keep going until you reach another puddle. Freeze this one, and use the vines to the north to climb up to the ledge on the right. Now use the ice pillar to hop across to the left. Drop down the groove, but don't go down the next one - instead run to the right around the cliff to get a Healing Fungus. Now you can leave Gondowan cliffs to the east. Once you're back on the world map, head east and re-enter Madra.