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Suhulla Gate[edit]

Head left and up the stairs, then up the next set...then the next set. Here you will encounter another Ruffian. Do the same as before and proceed heading left, once you reach the vines climb down the first set then the second and head towards the cave door to find 3 Ruffians. It is suggested that you use Flare Psynergy with Jenna and then normal attacks if there are any Ruffians still alive. It might be wise to use a Herb as well. Now enter the cave door.

Suhulla Gate
Don't forget to kill this one
Kill 'em All!

Inside the Cave[edit]

Follow the cave path and head down the stairs then into the entrance that leads downstairs. In this room walk over to the purple stone lying on the ground, once you get near an enemy will jump out of nowhere—a Punch Ant. Use Fume on it and the Punch Ant should go down. Kraden talks to you and then grab the Psynergy Stone which restores all your PP. Continue following the path until you reach the exit of the cave.

Cave Entrance
Punch Ant -- Kill it!
Psynergy Stone restores PP