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Game Versions[edit]

The game has received a few updates, you can see the version number on the title screen (at the bottom right). Here are the different versions:


The first version of the game released on MVS the 26/03/2012.


Update released the 20/04/2012 for MVS, it was sent to every buyers by mail as an executable file. The cartridge had to be opened with caution (if you didn't want to damage the sticker) and plug an USB cable to the USB port on the PCB. Here is the official description of the patch:

Version 1.1

This update is mandatory to save scores on site.
Version 1.1 is considered the new official game. All future releases are based on it.



- Reduced menu speed
- Removed auto centering
- Beam is now limited in use, its power recharges slowly but can also be replenished with violet orb items. A violet energy bar was added to the bottom of the HUD.


- Reworked all bosses to provide a more interesting and challenging fight.
- Each boss got additionally attack patterns.

Reworked stage 2 / Air Stride:

- added bullets patterns and suicide bullets for enemies
- spiced up stage
- added some enemy death fx


- Added visible boss energy bar in boss fights
- Improved pause button handling
- Stage 1: Reworked mountain color palette
- Stage 4: added big enemies to elevator fight
- Added level skip cheat (not usable in coinop mode) -> no hiscore save

Bug fixes:

- Stage 3 boss scrolling bug
- Stage 9 mcu bug fix
- Various minor fixes

This is the version used for the Dreamcast port (released the 21/06/2012), even if it's written v1.0 on the title screen.


Second update for MVS released in late 2012. This time the game owners had to request the update by themselves to NG:Dev.Team. It added a Sound Effect for bombs explosions (like in the Dreamcast version) and it fixed the game crash glitch due to an abusive Bouncing Blaster use.

This is also the version used for AES (Neo Geo, released the 25/04/2013).


MVS v1.2 and Neo Geo games are exactly the same, the only difference is about the credits system. On MVS you can insert as many credits as you want, but on AES you have only 4 credits inserted by default (which means 3 continues maximum). To balance that, collecting all the Big Diamonds in a stage on AES Original mode gives you 1 bonus credit.

The Dreamcast version has a few differences though:

  • the attract cutscene was a bit censored, the hero says "Your are cute!" instead of "Bitches!" (the typo is probably done on purpose to reproduce old Japanese games Engrish);
  • the third option on the Game Mode Selection screen leads to a setting menu where all the buttons can be mapped;
  • there is a button to enter/exit the Wheel mode directly (Down + Jump still works);
  • there aren't any falling leaves from the trees anymore;
  • the credits system is the same as the AES one, only 3 continues and 1 bonus credit if all Big Diamonds are collected in a stage on Original mode.