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Spread Shot
The default weapon, a 5 way shot with a low firepower.
A shotgun with high firepower. The shots can pass through small enemies and flying platforms.
Bounce Blaster
A twin type weapon : if A button is mashed it shots some bouncing orbs, if the button is fully pressed it shots a narrow continuous shot.
Power shot (Wave)
A powerful temporary upgrade that shots waves and bouncing orbs. You can't fire it vertically.
Power Shot (Missile)
A powerful temporary upgrade. The missiles release bouncing orbs at the impact.
Nuclear Wheel Bombs
In Wheel mode, press A to lay a bomb. They have a pretty high area of effect, you can jump and lay bombs in the air for extra height. Note that their power depends on your main weapon, if you have the Phoenix they will be less powerful than with the Spread Shot or the Bounce Blaster.
Snake Beam
Press C to use this powerful continuous beam. Use the stick to rotate it at 360°. The initial angle of shot is always 45° up in front of you. This beam can pass through every type of wall/platform and can cancel most of the enemy shots.
It uses the purple gauge at the bottom of the screen. It refills slowly automatically when you don't use the beam (except in Wheel mode). If the gauge goes bellow 40%, the length of the beam starts to decrease quickly (until half of its initial size). It doesn't affect the power of the beam, only the size. Even if the gauge is empty you can continue to fire it endlessly.
Super Wave
Limited smart bombs, their number is displayed at the bottom right of the screen. Pressing D button release a huge double wave of energy that cancels most of the enemy shots. The damages aren't really high although.