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Many items are stored when picked up to be used later. You lose artifacts at the end of each level so that you start the next level with only one of any artifact that he possessed in the previous level, with the exception of the Wings of Wrath, which are lost on exit.

  • Quartz Flask - Looking like a bottle of purple liquid, this item adds 25 to your life total.
  • Torch - This item brightens all areas by removing all shadows for 2 minutes.
  • Shadowsphere - This item appears as a greenish orb with a face on it. It gives the player invulnerability to physical (non-magical) attacks, making you harder to hit. Proveded invisibility makes idle monsters spot the player harder. Effect lasts for 1 minute.
  • Mystic Urn - A grey urn with a golden ankh, this gives the player full health when used.
  • Darchala's Chaos Device - This item looks like a grey disk with a red Symbol of Chaos on it. When used, it teleports you to the level's starting position; if used in deathmatch, it teleports the user to any of the level's spawn points.
  • Torpol's Morph Ovum - An egg surrounded by green electrical energy, when used it fires a volley of eggs in front of the player. Any non-boss creatures hit are turned into chickens for 40 seconds and can be easily killed.
  • Valador's Ring of Invulnerability - A gold ring with a flashing gem, when used it renders the player temporarily invincible and turns the screen a golden color for 30 seconds.
  • Delmintalitar's Time Bomb of the Ancients - This item looks like an hourglass, and when used it is dropped and explodes a few seconds later. The Maulotaur and D'Sparil are immune to the effects of this artifact
  • Tyketto's Tome of Power - A black book with a silver skull on the cover, when used, it powers up the player's weapons for 40 seconds, giving them stronger attacks which can have very different effects than normal.
  • Inhilicon's Wings of Wrath - This item looks like a golden skull with bat wings. When used, it allows the player to fly for 1 minute. This item can be temporally disabled (atifact icon in the upper right corner won't be animated), but this won't stop this item's timer.