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Ogrevine random encounters

Random encounters that can be found in an Ogrevine tend to be the same on all 4 levels. The deeper parts however have slightly better odds of the better ones happening.

Items found
  • Bitter Mugwort
  • Mels Elixer 5
  • Cute Gem
  • Lovely Gem
  • Scorpy (Gara)
  • Rugglchu (Og)
  • Machoang (Na)
  • Majj (Leif)
  • Ela Ela (Leif)
  • Common Gara and Leif nests
  • Gara Beast Hunter battle
  • Leif Beast Hunter battle

Floor 1[edit]

Floor 2[edit]

Floor 3[edit]

Floor 4[edit]

Boss battle[edit]