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Ogrevine random encounters

Random encounters that can be found in an Ogrevine tend to be the same on all 4 levels. The deeper parts however have slightly better odds of the better ones happening.

Items found
  • Mel's Elixer 1
  • Mugwort
  • Flawed Stone
  • Pretty Stone
  • Awaken Book
  • Cloud Book
  • Escape Book
  • Perplex Book
  • Poison Book
  • Seeing Book
  • Sleepy Book
  • Hard Hit Book
  • Spikebee (Bug)
  • Cheepr (Alco)
  • Spikestar (Bug)
  • Kilgilth (Bug)
  • Spikebee (Bug)
  • Agit (Alco)
  • Common Alco and Bug nests
  • Alco Beast Hunter battle
  • Bug Beast Hunter battle
  • Mau Beast Hunter battle
  • Bug Beast Hunter explains resistance and Bug properties
  • Gil talks about what he carries with him and gives you a Sleepy Book.

Floor 1[edit]

  • Spikebee (Bug)
  • Cheepr (Alco)
  • An Alco beasthunter explains the benefits of using Alcos and will give you a HP Back Book.
  • A Bug beasthunter explains resistances.

A strange man will be found looking for his lost notebook. He is looking for something attached to himself. This is Gil. He is also searching for the Wind Orb. After talking to him you will be able to get the Keyspore. On the next outing Gil will still be in the same Ogrevine. On the second visit he will give you a Sleepy Book. After this it will be random like the other ogrevines.

Floor 2[edit]

  • Spikebee (Bug)
  • Cheepr (Alco)
  • Warehouse Man Sokoban (farthest up ogrevine)
  • Kilgith (Bug) Kalma attack (farthest left ogrevine)
  • An Alco beasthunter explains the pros and cons of using Alco divine beasts.

In the ogrevine farthest right is the keyspore. Inside a Mau BeastHunter will challenge you to a battle.

Floor 3[edit]

  • Spikebee (Bug)
  • Spikestar (Bug) X2
  • Plant that will combine items (farthest down ogrevine)
  • Spikebee (Bug) Kalma attack (farthest right ogrevine)
  • Gil has been observing plants in the Wind Forest and shares what he has found out.

In the ogrevine farthest up is the keyspore. Gill is here and researching the orb. When he has finished speaking if you talk to him again he will give you a Tendai Herb.

Floor 4[edit]

  • Spikebee (Bug)
  • Spikestar (Bug) X2

When you enter this floor and go to the right there is an area with 2 ogreviens right next to eachother. The one on the top is a healing flower and the lower one is the boss battle. It is best to visit the healing flower first before facing the boss.

Boss battle[edit]

Rank Name Effect
B Samakia Lowers defense.
D Maltis Magical damage attack.

The giant moth is a strong Wind type with about 180 HP and is worth 500 EXP. It will start out using its debuff attack, Samakia, at the start of the battle. After this it will begin alternating between Maltis and Samakia.

At this point you should have 2 or 3 divine beasts depending on if you have increased in rank yet. Since the Wind Forest specializes in plaguing you with status effects it is best to not have all of your divine beasts on different sides and avoid earth types.

A suggested build for this battle is 1 attacker on fire and 1 healer on water. If you have access to a 3rd monster it is up to you on if it should be on wind or double up with either fire or water. It all depends on what divine beasts you have access to right now. Focus on fighting on the fire side while spinning to water any time they are low on MP or health. Gauge how much damage the moth does so you know when to retreat to water to prevent your attackers from getting knocked out.

By defeating this boss you will now have Wind Shelter and can now go to the next layer of the Wind Forest by that name. There will also be 3 items on the floor: Count Sheep, Cute Gem, and Caltrop.