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Jade Cocoon 2 has a large cast of characters that will interact with the PC in a variety of ways. These characters can be broken up into two categories: generic characters and story characters. Generic characters all wear masks showing their loyalty to a specific family of divine beasts and do not have names. The story characters all have names and over the course of the game many of them will have matches against the PC. Most story characters will only appear in certain locations, either a single location in the temple for some, or in ogrevines of their respective forests for others.

Story Characters[edit]

  • Kahu- The hero of Jade Cocoon 2, he has arrived at the temple in order to become strong. He quickly ends up cursed by a fairy and is tasked to gather the four forest orbs in order to break the curse.
  • Nico- The fairy that cursed Kahu. She decides to follow him around for entertainment and enjoys teasing Kahu.

Temple Characters[edit]

  • Levant- The Chosen One and the founder of the beasthunters. He is an immortal hero who leads the battle against the darkness that lives within the wormhole forest. He is the one who tells Kahu that he needs the orbs in order to break the curse. He is also the hero of the first Jade Cocoon.
  • Ra- Mu's twin sister, she runs the Room of Life. She is actually a living doll created by the chief of the Nagi tribe to serve the Chosen One forever. She would supposedly die if she ever left the Room of Life.
  • Mu- Ra's twin sister, she runs the Arena. Just like her sister, she is also a living doll created to serve Levant. If she ever left the Arena, she would die.
  • Kikinak- A strange birdlike creature that runs Kikinak & Co., the only shop in the game. He is also the sponsor of the Sweet Knights. He was also present in the first Jade Cocoon. The various birdmen in the game are said to have been created from his feathers.

Wind Forest Characters[edit]

  • Gil- A divine beast scholar that is not afraid of researching in the field, he is easily fascinated by the rare and unusual. He is kind-hearted, but stubborn when it comes to his research topics, leading him to become Kahu's rival in obtaining the Wind Orb, as he has decided that both the orb and Kahu's tail will be subjects of his research.
  • Yamu- A strange creature described by Nico as "A chestnut in its burr", Yamu is said to be descended from the divine spirit of knowledge, Mamon, he acts in a manor almost opposite what one would expect from such a being. He is greedy and impulsive, prone to demanding anything he decides he wants from those around him.

Water Forest Characters[edit]

  • Cure- A non-human girl who came from somewhere deep within the wormhole forest, she wishes to become human by using the Water Orb. She appears as a blue skinned girl with red hair and wings. She has a powerful Kalma inhabiting her that will occasionally transform her into an extremely dangerous dragon.

Earth Forest Characters[edit]

  • Cocona- Leader of the Sweet Knights, a group of female idol beasthunters that become Kahu's rivals in reaching the Earth Orb when they are told they will be disbanded if he gets it first. She is somewhat unsure of herself, having only been chosen for the leadership position merely because she was the oldest.
  • Cinnamon
  • Choco
  • Vanilla- An extremely odd girl, she seems to be not completely sane. Her self-proclaimed favorite divine beasts are slimies, slithers, and wrigglies, though it is unclear just which species she is referring to. Levant's favorite member of the Sweet Knights

Fire Forest Characters[edit]

  • Nam- A proud member of the Polo Polo tribe, he becomes Kahu's rival in a race to reach the Fire Orb.
  • Wu- A somewhat odd old man. He beat Nam in the arena, ending Nam's perfect record, and refuses to have a rematch unless Nam can reach the Fire Orb before Kahu.