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Stones are a common request for bulletin board quests so it is suggested you hold onto a few of them in storage. On average one of these quests will request 3-5 stones of Cute quality or above.

Their only use beyond this is a high selling price compared to most other items. Stones appear in the earth type forests incredibly often compared to the others. However they do appear in all forests (the deeper in you go the more valuable the stones).

Name Description Selling price Buying Price Location
Flawed Stone 25Y N/A
Dull Stone 50Y N/A
Pretty Stone A somewhat valuable stone. Pretty but small. 100Y N/A
Cute Gem A rather valuable gem. Good for a present. 200Y N/A
Lovely Gem A quite valuable gem. Attracts attention. 800Y N/A
Brilliant Gem An extremely valuable gem. Sell it for a bundle. 1600Y N/A
Flame Rose 4000Y N/A Fire Heat, Fire Storm
Desert Moon A Wind Forest gem. Said to bring happiness. 4000Y N/A Wind Harvest, Wind Sport
Amazon Eye 4000Y N/A Earth Crystal, Dustup
Deep Marine 4000Y N/A Water Tour, Water Tier