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Kikinak and co.[edit]

There is only one shop in Jade Cocoon 2 (but there are times when one of the birdmen salesmen can be found in the wormhole forest). The shop is run by Kikinak and is located in the Temple.

Item Type Price How to make it available
Mugwort Healing item 10 Available from start
Meta-Mugwort Healing item 30 ???
Bitter Mugwort Healing item 90 ???
Mel's Elixer 1 Healing item 20 Available from start
Mel's Elixer 3 Healing item 60 ???
Mel's Elixer 5 Healing item 180 ???
Citron Powder Healing item 250 ???
HP Back Book Book 30 Available after completing the first Develop New Product! mission
HP Back+ Book Book 90 ???
MP Back Book Book 540 ???
Resurrect Book Book 500 ???
Flame Book Book 20 Available after completing the first Develop New Product! mission
Blaze Book Book 180 ???
Inferno Book Book 540 ???
Ganicarach Egg 100 Available from start
Slimich Egg 100 Available from start
Luch Egg 100 Available from start
Mechalcoch Egg 100 Available from start
Pouch Pouch 500 Available from start
Backpack Pouch 2500 Purchase the pouch
Large Backpack Pouch 12500 Purchase the backpack

Making new items available in the shop[edit]

There are some random missions from one of the birdmen at Kikinak and co that will make new items available. These requests are normally for a part of a Divine Beast.

When searching for the requested item it will appear in one of two ways
  1. Randomly dropped by a killed Divine Beast of that specific type.
  2. A Divine Beast will be "guarding" it in an ogrevine much like one would guard an egg.

Items out of supply?[edit]

Sometimes the shop will run out of a specific item. If this happens a new mission will be up on the bulletin board requesting 3-5 of that specific item.