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Food Mixing[edit]

  • Weak Food + Weak Food = Cherry
  • Cherry + Cherry = Pep Drink
  • Cherry + Pep Drink = Meat
  • Cherry + Meat = Maxim Tomato
  • Pep Drink + Pep Drink = Maxim Tomato
  • Maxim Tomato + Maxim Tomato = ? Bubble
  • Candy + Candy = ? Bubble

Ability Mixing[edit]

Keep the stylus on the touch screen once you pair up 2 abilities. Now move the stylus around. The bubbles will change color and make sounds. Different colors/sounds mean you can get different abilities on the roulette. The highest one can even give 1-ups and Candy! The sounds are:

  • Do & Re (Same, Random)
  • Mi (Red, Bombs & Fire)
  • Fa (Blue, Ice & Sleep)
  • So (Green, Electricity, Beam & Sleep)
  • La (White, Sword, Cutter & Sleep)
  • Ti (Yellow, Animal, Shuriken & Bubble)
  • Do (Pink, Throw, Rock, Bubble, Ghost, U.F.O, Magic*, Sleep & ?)

(*Magic is the most gotten for this & *Sleep is Sleep x2, also this means nothing for Sword/Fire, Ice, Electricity Bomb/Ice, Electricity Sleep*/Ghost)

Special Mixes[edit]

  • Sword (with scroll) + Fire = Fire Sword
  • Sword (with scroll) + Ice = Ice Sword
  • Sword (with scroll) + Spark = Thunder Sword

Unfortunetly you can't use the fire sword or thunder sword under water

  • Bomb (with scroll) + Ice = Ice bomb
  • Bomb (with scroll) + Spark = Thunder Bomb
  • Sleep + Sleep (With Ghost medal which are commonly found in the first 2 levels of a stage) = Ghost