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Majou Densetsu II Castle map 3.png

You will find the entrance to the second dungeon in room I-4 of the Castle. This location was previously unreachable, and a portion of the map including this location is shown to the right. G-3 through G-5 is the section of the Castle through which a platform floats vertically. Your goal is to jump over to either of the middle platforms on the right side of H-5, and walk over to the upper level of I-5. You will find a ladder hidden behind the blocks. Use it to climb up to I-4. Here, you will find a sequence of blocks above your head. Fortunately, now that you have possession of the Balloon Bombs, you can use them to break down the blocks that are above you, preventing you from accessing the door above. Clear away enough blocks to create a passage, and climb up the ladder to reach the door which serves as the entrance to the third dungeon.

Exploring the Dungeon[edit]

Majou Densetsu II Dungeon 3 map.png

The light blue areas throughout most of the upper portion of the map indicate the areas that only Popolon is permitted to walk around if you did not purchase the Bracelet from Dungeon 2. Since these areas contain a lot of underwater passages, it is extremely wise to ensure that you have the Bracelet so that you can switch to Aphrodite and use her to walk through the underwater sections without losing a large amount of health.

  1. You begin in D-9, the center of the very bottom of the dungeon. You will want to explore both side of this bottom level to find two valuable items for the boss fight. Start by heading to the left. You may have to deal with a few leaping fish as you travel over the water. When you reach a set of breakable blocks at B-9, drop down to the platforms below and continue left. Shoot out the first column of blocks beyond the small pool of water with the Ceramic Arrow, and then leap across the gap to finish off the blocks in A-9. You will find a group of witches that fly around the small contained area. These witches aren't especially fast, and they are fairly easy to defeat, but they can cause a tremendous amount of damage if they hit you, so be sure to use safe tactics such as arrows to defeat them. In the treasure chest, you will find Mantle. You may consider grabbing the Mines at B-8 at on your way back. If you grab it after you enters the tips room in D-7, you will need climb up from the right part again.
  2. Return to the starting location and head to the right. Break through the blocks along the top path and note the ladder you reveal. Continue all the way to the right. Break through the blocks on the far right side at G-9 and climb down the ladder. You will have to deal with more witches, although these are a little easier to fight with your sword. Clear them out and investigate the chest to find the Holy Water.
  3. On your way to the Holy Water, you revealed a ladder at E-9. Return to it and climb up. In E-8, jump up to the second level and turn to the left. Use Aphrodite to get through the water and collect the chest on the other side, which contains the dungeon Map.
  4. Return back through the water to the right, and jump up to the very top level so that you can climb the ladder at F-8 to the room above. Jump up the small ledges in F-7 to reach the top, and wait for the floating platform to come by and pick you up and ferry you across the long gap. Watch out for the witch as you travel. Leap over to the platform on the left side and walk to the left edge. If you want, you can jump up to the top level of D-7 and visit the entrance where you will find a man who suggests that there might be some magic that would let you walk on water.
    • If you have not obtained the Mines now, drop down to the floor of D-7 and walk to the left. You will see two witches floating around the outside of two small platforms. Take them out safely (with arrows) and then jump to the left of the two tiny platforms. From there, drop down through the gap to C-8. Continue to drop down to the left, being careful not to allow the white creatures knock you off the platforms. Soon you will see a treasure chest in B-8. Open it to obtain the Mines, a weapon which will be very valuable in this dungeon and beyond.
    • Unfortunately, once you collect the Mines this way, you will have no choice but to drop down to the bottom level of the dungeon and retrace your steps to get back to the platform at F-7.
  5. If you have collected the mine before, you can go back to the right mobile platform. (If you fall into the hole in D-7, you can reattempt it by the ladder in C-7.) This time, ride it to the platform with the witch and the ladder at E-7. Climb up to E-6. Here you will encounter a good number of diagonally reflecting white puffs which are easy to defeat. Your goal here is to climb up to the top level, and pass through the blue gate. If you do not have the Bracelet, only Popolon will be able to proceed from here.
    • You can also climb the left way up to C-5. If you do this, be sure to grab the Oar along the secret passage.
  6. After passing through the blue gate, climb up the ladder. In E-5, you will encounter a strange and powerful enemy. A wispy ball of black string will float around, sending a large quantity of smaller strings floating through the room. Naturally, they are dangerous to touch. A good strategy to defeat this creature is to hit it with Balloon Bombs, provided it isn't hover too low and too close to you. Once you have cleared it away, examine the wall to the left. You may notice that some sections of the wall are not as cracked as others. The absence of such cracks indicates the presence of a hidden passage. The fact is that you can jump up to the third level, below the treasure chest, and walk briefly into the wall. Two blocks in to the left is a gap in the floor which you must jump over to avoid. When you've passed that, you can actually jump up and back to the right to end up on the top level. Walk out of the wall to reach the chest which contains a valuable item, the Oar. This oar is magical, and like the man in the entrance below suggested, allows you to walk on one particular body of water.
  7. From here, you can utilize a tremendous shortcut that allows you to bypass a slow and difficult section of the dungeon where you must use Mines certain blocks and Balloon Bomb others. It's slow and tedious, and you can skip it if you carefully traverse the hidden passage in the wall. Return to the left until you fall down. From where you fall, walk one block forward, and then leap over the next two blocks which contain a gap to the floor below. Continue walking left until you hit a wall, and then jump up and to the left to make it out of the wall and to the other side at C-5. As you walk over some blocks, you will see a treasure chest at the bottom of some water. If you have the Bracelet, you can switch to Aphrodite to collect it now. It contains the Earring which enhances Popolon's alternate weapon firing capability to Aphrodite's level of being able to shoot three at a time instead of only two. It is not required, but it is incredibly helpful.
  8. Cross over the water to get to B-5, and break the blocks to expose a ladder up to B-4. When you climb up, you may notice tiny green enemies that pace back and forth. As you hit these enemies, they grow in size and continue to come at you. Instead of striking them with your sword or arrow, it is best to lay a Mine and let them trigger it. The resulting explosion will grow them to their maximum size before ultimately killing them, and keeping you safe from harm. Once you deal with them, you will have to switch to Balloon Bombs and use them to break away the blocks from overhead. Clear them away and watch out for the witch and the other green creature at the top. When it's safe, climb up to B-3
  9. Without the Bracelet, getting through B-3 will be tough, but you will get the opportunity to purchase an item that will make it a little easier if you survive. Whether as Aphrodite, or Popolon if you have no choice, you must dive into the water to your right in C-3, and make it to the door in the middle. Do not attempt this with Popolon unless you are near full health. Inside is a man who will sell you the Pendant (60 Coins for Popolon, and 40 for Aphrodite). This item will make it easier for Popolon to survive in water, although still not nearly as well as Aphrodite. After you purchase the item, you must continue through the next pool to reach the ladder to the top level. From the top level, run to the left, safely remove the witches, and break the blocks on the other side to reveal a ladder up to B-3.
  10. Once again, use Mines to clear away the small green creatures, and jump up and to the right to reach the open path along the third level from the bottom. As you continue, you will encounter a body of water. It is this body of water that you can safely walk on top of if you possess the Oar. Assuming you collected it, drop down and walk across the surface. Jump up to the platform to the right of the water and climb down the ladder to E-3. Jump over the water and down to the blocks on the bottom floor. Clear them away to reveal a chest which contains the Magical Rod.
  11. From the E-3, you are about to take a one way journey that will lead you back down the right side of the dungeon and force you to retrace your steps. On this journey, you will collect a weapon that is useful against the boss of the dungeon, as well as learn the spell to summon the boss. From the rod, jump up to the ledge on the right, then jump on to the platform over the middle of the water, and jump far to the right and into the water. Be sure to hold right as you fall. You will sink through the bottom of the water and end up at the top of F-4. If you pushed right far enough, you will land by a door. Inside is a man who will sell you the Rolling Fire weapon for 40 Coins. If you don't fall far enough to the right, you may luck out by landing on the platforms next to the door, but if you fall through the gaps, the only way to reach the door is to return from up above.
  12. Once you have bought the Rolling Fire, drop down through the gap in the floor. When you fall into F-5, climb down the ladder on the right side. Drop through the small gap in the floor to F-6. There you will see some ladders which lead to an entrance. Inside, you will find a woman who will teach you the correct spell to summon the third dungeon boss. Armed with both the Rolling Fire and the knowledge of the summon spell, you must now retrace your steps all the way back to D-2, the location of the body of water that you walked on. You can take advantage of the shortcut provided by the hidden passage through D-5.
  13. Back at D-2 walk across the water, and jump up to the platform. Walk straight, below a ladder, and drop down to the second level. Then climb up through the gaps to the right that lead you to the top floor, and walk back to the left to the ladder you passed. Climb up the ladder to E-1. Jump into the small alcove to the right, and then up to the upper platforms. As you proceed to the right through D-1, you will encounter another black wispy creature. It is important that you do not fall down while attempting to clear it away, so lure it over to you and clear it safely before attempting to leap over the small platforms to the opposite side. Pass through the blue gate into C-1, and safely remove the small green creatures before you enter the boss chamber. These creatures are good to fight in order to collect enough experience to restore your vitality. Inside the chamber, cast the spell to summon the boss.


Majou Densetsu II Dungeon 3 boss.png

After summoning the boss, a creature will appear in the center of the room. This creature will walk along the three levels above the floor, but it will never drop down to the floor itself. When it reaches the two gaps in the platforms on either side, it may stop and decide to drop down, or climb up to the level above. Every now and then, it may stop completely and flare its nostrils. When it does so, it sends four green bouncing orbs throughout the room. The orbs can be cleared away fairly easily with Mines or Balloon Bombs. However, you'll want to focus your attack on the boss itself. The fact is that arrows and your sword cannot harm the boss, and Mines and Balloon Bombs do very little damage to it, if at all. The only truly effective weapon against this boss is the Rolling Fire. Not only is it effective, it's the easiest weapon to use against him. If you stand one level above him and use the Rolling Fire, the fire will wrap around the platform you fired it on and strike him in the head. If you use Rolling Fire continuously and rapidly enough, you may manage to defeat the boss before it even has a chance to move far or change levels. Once it's defeated, the chest containing the next Great Key will fall from the ceiling. Collect it to expand your vitality to one level shy of maximum, and exit the room to use the Angel Ring in order to return to the dungeon entrance and head back to the Castle.